Audit Preparation

Ensure your environment is up to standard before your audit.

Failing to pass a compliance audit can be a major setback for businesses, making it vitally important to verify that every aspect of your infrastructure meets compliance standards prior to the audit. Assessing your data processing or key management environment for compliance doesn’t have to be a stressful or time-consuming task. Futurex’s expert CTGA-accredited Solutions Architects can travel to your location and perform an in-depth analysis of your security measures, facilities, and employee practices to determine whether your environment is in compliance.

Futurex’s audit preparation service includes the development of a set of procedures to address the requirements of regulatory mandates to be audited. In order to ensure your employees are fully prepared to properly perform their key management and data security tasks, these procedures cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Maintenance and operation of your organization’s Secure Cryptographic Devices (SCD)
  • Protection of encryption keys and key components
  • Attack prevention through access controls
  • Key management throughout the entire key lifecycle
  • Usage of keys based on intended purpose

Interested in finding out more about a specific regulatory standard and how Futurex products can help you achieve compliance? Visit our Compliance page or contact us today!

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