Professional Services

Over the past 30+ years in the data security industry, Futurex has developed a set of services that are designed
to give our customers a solution for complete, optimum security across every aspect of their infrastructures.

Custom Development for Financial and General-Purpose Environments

Are you looking for a specific type of technology, hardware, or functionality for your business’ infrastructure? Futurex has years of experience with project management and the development of custom solutions that integrate perfectly into our customers’ systems. The Base Architecture Model, which is the common codebase found in all Futurex devices, allows Futurex’s engineering and quality assurance teams to rapidly develop, test, and deploy new functionality across multiple products at once.

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Employee Training

One of the leading causes of data breaches across every industry is employee error. Ensure your employees are properly trained on compliance requirements and industry best practices by using Futurex’s training support services. Our Solutions Architects are well versed in identifying the common pitfalls associated with employee breaches and have extensive experience presenting comprehensive and easily digestible training sessions to employees across a variety of industries. For global businesses with geographically dispersed operations, Futurex offers flexible scheduling options and remote, web-based training sessions.

On-Site Installation

Our on-site installation services provide a truly turnkey solution for integrating Futurex technology into your infrastructure. Futurex’s on-site installation services utilize CTGA-accredited Solutions Architects every step of the way, including traveling to your data centers, analyzing the environment, installing the devices, and performing testing to ensure installation is successful and the environment is fully operational.

Hardware Upgrades

Seeking to upgrade your Futurex products with additional custom functionalities or hardware features? Simply send your request to our main engineering campus, and our skilled and knowledgeable hardware engineers will take care of the rest. Don’t have time to ship your devices? Let our Xceptional Support Technicians come to you and perform hardware services at your data center. Through the Futurex Base Architecture Model, many feature upgrades are able to be performed in the field, with little to no downtime for your devices.

Secure Encryption Services

For organizations that don’t have the resources or time to perform secure encryption tasks, our expert CTGA-accredited Solutions Architects can handle them for you. Futurex maintains an ASC X9.24-compliant secure room on the Futurex Technology Campus, enabling organizations to use our encryption and certificate services for certificate authority generation, signing, hosting, and more.

Futurex also can provide key generation, printing, and mailing services that allow us to securely and automatically print, fold, and seal the required encryption key information in tamper-evident envelopes. For working or transfer keys, key officers receive their keys independently and with the assurance that the utmost security has been maintained throughout the entire process.

Solutions Architect Residencies

For enterprise organizations requiring complete access to a Solutions Architect, gaining a Solutions Architect in residency grants your organization unparalleled increases in efficiency, accuracy, and support. Our certified experts are trained to join your organization as a full-time resident in your organization’s office and data centers.

Should your organization require tight deadlines be met, firmware updates to be completed in a moment’s notice, or for infrastructures be migrated to new products seamlessly, this Resident Solutions Architect ensures your organization receives visibility and professional insight. This comprehensive program greatly supplements your organization’s testing, troubleshooting, and configuration. 

Cloud Integration

Using VirtuCrypt, organizations can leverage the cloud for additional services such as monitoring and alerting, secure backup, and more. Visit the VirtuCrypt site to learn more.

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