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Every business collects sensitive information, which means that every business can benefit from a secure cryptographic infrastructure. Futurex’s suite of hardened enterprise security solutions provides robust functionality necessary to protect this information from the most sophisticated attacks.

Online business traffic brings forth unique threats and security challenges for organizations. The electronic business model works on the concept of anyone, anywhere, anytime. As such, it becomes essential that transactions in the online marketplace are protected.


Online retailers are required to meet certain standards regarding how cardholder information is captured, used, and stored. The PCI DSS E-Commerce Guidelines outline the responsibilities online retailers must adhere to regarding network security, cardholder data, and transaction processing. Futurex hardware security modules are PCI HSM validated, making it easy for e-commerce businesses to remain compliant.

Storing Card Holder Data

Storing cardholder data in case of returns or future purchases data security risks, especially if that information is being held in the clear. Tokenization utilizes an HSM and offers a way for organizations to securely protect this information while running their business quickly and efficiently. Tokenization allows sensitive data to be replaced with an identifying string, or “token,” for storage after the transaction has taken place, satisfying PCI DSS requirements. This solution is easily integrated into existing data infrastructures for optimum performance and expand with the infrastructure to enhancing rather than restrict business growth.

Securing Web Applications

In eCommerce transactions, consumers need to connect and securely communicate with the web servers which process orders and requests.To transfer information across a TLS connection, organizations utilize a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), in which public and private keys establish authority. The security of the private key is vital to the success of IT infrastructures because the private key decrypts the coded information. In order to avoid situations such as a criminal hacker or a rogue employee gaining access to a server and stealing the private key, organizations can use a Futurex hardware security module. The HSM is used to protect the private key, rendering it inaccessible to attackers. Because HSMs are physically hardened, FIPS 140-2 Level 3-validated Secure Cryptographic Devices (SCD), there is criminals cannot to obtain the key.

Verifying Card Holder Data

Currently, there are two main fraud detection methods to validate online cardholder information: cardholder verification values (CVV/CVC/CSC, and more) and XML-based authentication (3-D Secure, SecureCode, and more). Futurex HSMs are able to generate and validate cards using either method.

Hardware Security Modules

Excrypt Touch

Excrypt Touch

Compliantly and securely load keys and perform device configuration from anywhere in the world

  • Easily manage your worldwide data encryption presence from a single location
  • Capable of configuring multiple devices
  • Eliminates the manual process of transferring key components
  • Provides detailed audit records
  • FIPS 140-2 Level 3-compliant 
Excrypt Series

Excrypt Series

Industry-leading technology for financial and general-purpose transaction processing and data security

  • FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliant and PCI HSM validated 
  • Standardize HSM infrastructure onto a single platform
  • Scalable up to 25,000 transactions per second
  • Process EMV, RSA, P2PE, tokenization, and mobile transactions
Guardian Series 3

Guardian Series 3

Empower your administrators with centralized management, redundancy, device status monitoring, and more

  • Central management for Futurex devices
  • Comprehensive load distribution and automated failover
  • User-defined grouping for devices
  • Intuitive visual and logical user interface
  • Customized notifications, alerts, and status reports