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For financial institutions such as banks, payment processors, or credit unions, protecting sensitive customer data is a top priority. Don’t settle for anything less than the hardened, robust security and functionality of Futurex’s innovative solutions for data encryption, payment processing, centralized management, and more.

The Solution that Financial Institutions Trust

Futurex’s suite of data security solutions have been integrated into many of the largest financial institutions across the globe, from high volume payment processors to Tier-1 banks. These businesses have chosen Futurex technology because they trust its superior security, functionality, and reliability. Beyond the versatility afforded by Futurex’s solutions, financial institutions also prefer Futurex devices for their simple integration into existing systems and the ease with which Futurex can provide custom-developed functionality specific for each customer.

We know that compliance is also a vital factor when choosing a data security provider, which is why Futurex solutions have been designed from the ground up to adhere to all major industry standards, including PCI DSS, FIPS 140-2 Level 3, and PCI HSM. Futurex products are validated as Secure Cryptographic Devices (SCD) that promote robust security through tamper-responsiveness, reinforced chassis, dual bezel locks, and logical restrictions such as role-based permissions and dual control.

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Secure Your Entire Infrastructure

The Futurex Hardened Enterprise Security Platform provides a single-source solution for securing every aspect of your core cryptographic infrastructure, from payment processing to key management to endpoint authentication, all with centralized monitoring and configuration. The platform eliminates financial institutions’ reliance on multiple vendors for integration work, support, ongoing updates, and total system security. Designed around a Base Architecture Model that allows for new functionality to be pushed out to all devices simultaneously while increasing security and stability, the Hardened Enterprise Security Platform is revolutionizing the way financial institutions approach core cryptographic security. 

Versatile Functionality

Financial institutions have to stay up to date with the newest in payment trends and technologies in order to offer their customers the best security and services available. Futurex HSMs boast the fastest financial transaction speeds per second in the world, with scalable TPS ratings up to 8,000 in a single device. Through Futurex’s built-in forward compatibility and commitment to continuous innovation, financial institutions can rest easy knowing their core cryptographic infrastructures will always be cutting edge. 

Futurex’s products have integrated many different technologies and functionality to provide convenience and security for their customers, including but not limited to:

  • EMV - Both EMV card preparation and EMV transaction processing are available with Futurex devices, creating a turnkey EMV solution that can be implemented easily, quickly, and securely. 
  • P2PE - Using Futurex HSMs, financial institutions can create secure endpoint communication with point-to-point encryption of all data.
  • Tokenization - Any stored financial information can now be replaced by secure tokens, removing in-the-clear data and significantly reducing PCI compliance.
  • Public Key Infrastructure - Create an entire public key infrastructure, with full certificate trees, and perform RSA transactions using Futurex’s secure HSMs and key management servers.
  • Monitoring and Alerting Capabilities - Futurex devices support a variety of technologies to alert system administrators about infrastructure health, including SMS, SMTP, SMNP, and syslog.
  • Centralized Management - Organize, monitor, and configure a vast number of devices across an entire network through one management server, promoting ease of use and efficiency for financial infrastructures.
  • Disaster Recovery - In addition to the disaster recovery inherent in the physical hardware through redundant power supplies and ports, financial institutions can create a truly reliable infrastructure by utilizing the Guardian9000 for high availability, secure backups, and load balancing.
  • ATM Remote Key Loading - ATMs are widely relied upon for cash withdrawals. Futurex technology enable the remote loading of vital ATM keys.  


Devices Behind Financial Security

Excrypt SSP9000

Excrypt SSP9000

Industry-leading technology for financial and general-purpose transaction processing and data security

  • FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and PCI HSM-validated
  • Standardize HSM infrastructure onto a single platform
  • Scalable up to 2,250 transactions per second
  • Process EMV, RSA, P2PE, tokenization, and mobile transactions
Excrypt SSP Enterprise v.2

Excrypt SSP Enterprise v.2

Protect your sensitive data and transactions with industry-leading security and speed:

  • Meets or exceeds industry compliance standards
  • Virtual HSMs allow for multiple independent data processing environments within a single physical platform
  • Increases the overall speed and functionality of your HSM network


Simplify your system from one location with monitoring, alerting, load balancing, data replication, and more

  • Centralized management for Futurex devices
  • User-defined grouping system
  • Easy-to-understand, user-friendly operation
  • Customized notifications and alerting options available
  • Intelligent load distribution and automated failover
KMES Series

KMES Series

Hardened, enterprise-class key and certificate lifecycle management solutions

  • Full symmetric and asymmetric key and certificate management
  • Robust, versatile API for programmatic automation of repetitive tasks
  • Easy, convenient generation of certificate trees
  • Permission-based user management system with dual control
  • Customized monitoring and alerting


Compliantly and securely load keys and perform device configuration from anywhere in the world

  • Easily manage your worldwide data encryption presence from a single location
  • Capable of configuring multiple devices
  • Eliminates the manual process of transferring key components
  • Provides detailed audit records
  • FIPS 140-2 Level 3-validated


Fully create and integrate a customized, turnkey data security platform uniquely fitted to your specific needs

  • Customizable for a mix of devices
  • All contained devices are FIPS 140-2 Level 3-validated
  • Available with a choice in rack mount sizes
  • Ability to add multiple Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) units