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Futurex takes pride in its diverse offering of solutions for securing data within a wide range of industries, including healthcare. To conquer the unique data security challenges faced by the healthcare industry, organizations can now utilize Futurex’s hardened data encryption solutions.

The Demand for Security in the Healthcare Industry

In addition to protecting our health and well-being, healthcare organizations are also responsible for safeguarding our sensitive information. Because of the nature of the healthcare industry, these organizations are repositories for private health records containing not just information such as medical histories, prescriptions, and prognoses, but also Personally Identifiable Information like names, addresses, Social Security Numbers, billing information, and insurance claims. 

Healthcare organizations serve as a central repository for all this information, and thus they are high-value targets for criminals and fraudsters who wish to gain access to this data for their own gain. Beyond maintaining patient data confidentiality, encryption solutions are a necessity for meeting compliance due to regulations such as HIPAA and the HITECH Act, which mandate the encryption of protected health information (PHI). 

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Advantages of Hardware-Based Encryption

Hardware-based data encryption is one of the most secure and efficient methods for protecting sensitive data at rest and in transit. It offers a number of advantages for healthcare organizations, such as physical, logical, and encryption-based security; tamper resistance and responsiveness; and disaster recovery and redundancy. The degree of security that accompanies hardware-based data encryption solutions is unrivaled, providing healthcare organizations with data encryption solutions that are impervious to both human interference and natural disaster. For organizations maintaining records in widespread use on a 24x7x365 basis, this reliability is a necessity.

The Futurex Solution for Healthcare Data Security

Futurex offers a comprehensive suite of products that provide healthcare institutions with the security, accessibility, and reliability they need to manage a complete cryptographic infrastructure. Using cutting-edge key management and encryption technology, healthcare IT systems can protect and secure sensitive data in a number of ways, such as the following:

  • Secure Storage of Electronic Health Records – Health records are often stored in vast repositories to maintain accessibility whenever needed. In order to completely secure these records, they must be encrypted before storage. This can be achieved by utilizing a hardware security module (HSM). In the event that storage drives containing these health records are compromised or stolen, the data contained on them would be illegible without the encryption keys stored on the HSM. The Futurex  SAS9000 provides a method for storing vast quantities of data and has the ability to serve as a secure, network-attached storage server, with optional tokenization functionality.
  • Verification of Clinical Research Data – Organizations often spend countless years and tens of millions of dollars conducting clinical research trials. The price of the information gathered is sometimes unquantifiable, and for this reason, foreign governments, corporate competitors, or activist groups may want to gain access to this information or sabotage the research data. To ensure the authenticity of this research information, Futurex provides digital signing services via the KMES Series 3, a solution that manages entire certificate trees for the secure digital signing and authentication of data.
  • Protected Transfer of Medical Information, Patient Records, and Claim Activity – Sensitive health information is transferred within and between healthcare organizations every minute of every day. To protect this information while in transit, it must be encrypted. Organizations can ensure both the confidentiality and authenticity of this information by encrypting and digitally signing the data before it is transmitted. Mutually authenticated connections can be established between multiple institutions or software application, ensuring that a trusted network is put into place prior to transmission of any sensitive data. 


Healthcare Industry Product Suite

KMES Series 3

KMES Series 3

Hardened, enterprise-class key and certificate lifecycle management solutions

  • Symmetric key lifecycle management for issuance, offline root, and more
  • Enterprise certificate authority and public key infrastructure (PKI)
  • Registration authority 
  • Data protection, application encryption, and integration with 3rd-party applications
  • Vaultless tokenization
  • Quantum-resistant hybrid certificate authority issuance
Excrypt Series

Excrypt Series

Industry-leading technology for financial and general-purpose transaction processing and data security

  • FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliant and PCI HSM validated 
  • Standardize HSM infrastructure onto a single platform
  • Scalable up to 25,000 transactions per second
  • Process EMV, RSA, P2PE, tokenization, and mobile transactions
Guardian Series 3

Guardian Series 3

Empower your administrators with centralized management, redundancy, device status monitoring, and more

  • Central management for Futurex devices
  • Comprehensive load distribution and automated failover
  • User-defined grouping for devices
  • Intuitive visual and logical user interface
  • Customized notifications, alerts, and status reports
Kryptos TLS Server

Kryptos TLS Server

Safeguard your sensitive data with Futurex’s general-purpose data security solution for protecting transmissions between remote locations

  • Seamless integration into any existing infrastructure
  • Encrypts a wide variety of data types 
  • Protects transmissions over TCP/IP (Ethernet)
  • Hardened steel interlocking rack mounted case


Encrypt, manage, and store high volumes of your sensitive data in Futurex’s best-in-class attached storage solution

  • Support for multiple separate databases within a single SAS9000 unit
  • Adjustable, customizable role-based separation of duties
  • Automatic hard drive replication and advanced hardware redundancy features
  • Ten hot-swappable storage bays