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Protecting data ensures the health of an organization. It is necessary to encrypt data at rest and in transit to make sure data remains secure. Make sure it’s protected with scalable data encryption solutions. The versatile architecture and powerful data protection algorithms of the Futurex platform allows for integration within a diverse range of industries. No matter the business sector or size, Futurex will protect your sensitive data.

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cybersecurity solutions by industry
internet of things IOT security solutions
Internet of Things (IoT)
Scalable key management solutions allow IoT manufacturers to protect connected devices from the production floor to the field.
financial services cybersecurity
Financial Services
Cloud payment HSMs enable financial organizations to increase security, enhance scalability, and reduce spending.
payment security
Powerful payment processing and flexible, cost-effective deployment options help retailers mitigate cyber risks while serving customers.
healthcare data security
Hardware-based encryption gives healthcare and insurance providers unrivalled logical and physical security to comply with HIPAA/HITECH.
government cybersecurity defense contractors
Government & Defense
Futurex provides USA-made cryptographic devices for government and defense industry clients to achieve a strong cybersecurity posture.
telecom 5G security
Telecom & 5G
Public key infrastructure and certificate authority services allow telecom providers to safeguard trust and comply with SHAKEN/STIR regulations.
education cybersecurity
Educational Institutions
Educational institutions gain access to the Futurex “one-stop shop” for hardware cryptography, deployable on-premises or in the cloud.
IoT in healthcare medical iot security
Medical IoT
For Medical IoT manufacturers, Futurex provides digital signing, key management, and data encryption solutions in the cloud or on-premises.
automotive cybersecurity
Futurex helps automakers protect passengers, secure operating data, expand revenue-generating services, and comply with regulations.
corporate security and data protection
Futurex helps corporate clients attain confidential communication, secure storage, and authentication of intellectual property.
utilities and smart grid cybersecurity
Utilities & Smart Grid
Futurex solutions are fast to deploy and simple to manage so that utilities providers can protect data from cyber threats and natural disasters.
casino cybersecurity
Casino Gaming
Maintain the integrity of gaming machines and the trust of casino patrons with robust Futurex cryptographic essentials for the gaming industry.

In the cloud, on premises, or a hybrid of both: Futurex delivers tailored cryptographic solutions to fit your business needs.


Any cryptographic function. Any size, any scale. Any location.

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