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Today’s consumers are expecting to be able to do everything from their mobile devices – including payments. Keep up with the demand for convenient and accessible financial transactions by implementing mobile payment technology into your system today.

The Demand for Mobile Payment Security

Mobile payments have completely changed the way businesses provide goods and services to their customers. This technology offers features that benefit both the business and the end user, such as reduction in paperwork, increased speed at check-out, and overall convenience. However, any good payment technology requires strong security to ensure the system is safe from those trying to steal cardholder data. With Futurex’s hardware-based mobile payment security solutions, you can rely on the compliant, scalable, and future-proof technology to safely incorporate mobile payment in your business with utmost protection of your sensitive data.

The Technology behind Mobile Payments

The need for secure authentication of mobile devices is at an all-time high. Fulfill your business demands for secure transactions and management of mobile payments with Futurex’s hardware-based encryption for mobile devices and peripherals. With the ability to directly integrate into your existing payment system, the process of adding the extra layer of Futurex security is versatile and seamless.

Futurex’s technology for securing mobile payments is based in Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE), which protects cardholder data across endpoints. A public key infrastructure (PKI) is used to establish trusted connections between all relevant service and functionality providers, with the ability to inject encryption keys into mobile devices during the manufacturing process. The PKI creates a mutually authenticated circle of trust to allow the secure processing and validation of mobile payments.

User-specific data from the cardholder’s mobile device can be securely encrypted and stored with Futurex’s strong cryptography technology solutions. Data encryption occurs at the point of capture and can only be decrypted once contained in the hardened security of the Futurex HSM integrated in your environment.


Futurex’s Solutions for Any Industry

Mobile payment technology has an impact on almost every industry, from financial institutions to device manufacturers. In whichever way you will be using mobile payments, Futurex has the technology solutions to provide a foundation for the security and versatility you need.

Mobile Device Manufacturers

Using Futurex technology, manufacturers can set up the environment for validating the authenticity of individual devices on a global scale. Digitally signing, issuing, and authenticating encryption keys to all mobile devices at the point of manufacture allows control to be maintained throughout the device's lifecycle.

Futurex’s products enable manufacturers to manage high volumes of electronic devices from one central location, with total control over device issuance, tracking, and revocation. With the versatility and flexibility to manufacture multiple product lines, Futurex helps your business create a streamlined process for key injection and management.

Mobile Magnetic Stripe Readers Manufacturers

Mobile payment add-on devices, such as magnetic stripe readers, are capable of dramatically increasing the functionality of smartphones and other portable electronic devices by allowing them to accept payments. Futurex’s proven technology provides manufacturers of these peripherals a customized Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) solution to meet the demands of providing data security to mobile payment systems.

Manufacturers who provide mass production of these devices for individuals and small merchants can can now offer the opportunity to utilize enterprise-level technology typically reserved for larger merchants with dedicated point of sale systems. By using Futurex’s manufacturer solutions, magnetic stripe reader manufacturers can significantly reduce the scope of PCI DSS compliance and strengthen the security of their core cryptographic infrastructures.

Payment Processors

For payment processors, securing the sensitive information of their merchants, retailers, and other clients begins with protecting the data at the point of capture, but that security must continue for data in transit as well. With industry leading financial transactions speeds and robust security, the Futurex solution for mobile processing can provide your organization with all the technology you need to incorporate mobile payments seamlessly into your existing system.

Compliance is a major concern for payment processors, which is why Futurex products are an ideal solution for securing mobile payments. Compliant with FIPS 140-2 Level 3, PCI DSS, and more, Futurex HSMs utilize a proven mix of hardened and logical security to provide our customers with the functionality they need without compromising on security. 


Devices for Mobile Payments

SKI Series 3

SKI Series 3

Manage, inject, and store your Point of Sale encryption keys with Futurex’s all-in-one security solution

  • Supports large key injection batches
  • Provides flexibility in all your key loading operations
  • Integrates with all major POS device makers
  • Easy generation of Key reports
Excrypt Series

Excrypt Series

Industry-leading technology for financial and general-purpose transaction processing and data security

  • FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliant and PCI HSM validated 
  • Standardize HSM infrastructure onto a single platform
  • Scalable up to 25,000 transactions per second
  • Process EMV, RSA, P2PE, tokenization, and mobile transactions
Excrypt SSP Enterprise v.2

Excrypt SSP Enterprise v.2

Protect your sensitive data and transactions with industry-leading security and speed:

  • Meets or exceeds industry compliance standards
  • Virtual HSMs allow for multiple independent data processing environments within a single physical platform
  • Increases the overall speed and functionality of your HSM network
KMES Series 3

KMES Series 3

Hardened, enterprise-class key and certificate lifecycle management solutions

  • Symmetric key lifecycle management for issuance, offline root, and more
  • Enterprise certificate authority and public key infrastructure (PKI)
  • Registration authority 
  • Data protection, application encryption, and integration with 3rd-party applications
  • Vaultless tokenization
  • Quantum-resistant hybrid certificate authority issuance
RKMS Series 3

RKMS Series 3

A complete remote key management solution for your POS or ATM network

  • Eliminates the costly manual process of loading keys by managing them from one central location
  • Automates the manual key replacement process
  • Securely and remotely distributes encryption keys over a secured IP network
  • Integrates hardware-based disaster recovery and redundancy
Excrypt Touch

Excrypt Touch

Compliantly and securely load keys and perform device configuration from anywhere in the world

  • Easily manage your worldwide data encryption presence from a single location
  • Capable of configuring multiple devices
  • Eliminates the manual process of transferring key components
  • Provides detailed audit records
  • FIPS 140-2 Level 3-compliant