EMV Issuance & Processing

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EMV technology is growing throughout the world, providing consumers with an extra layer of protection. Adapt your payment system to accommodate all aspects of EMV technology with Futurex’s support for both card issuance and transaction processing

A More Secure Payment Method

With recent adoption in the United States, EMV is rapidly becoming the standard across the globe for payment card fraud prevention, with more and more major card brands and payment processors implementing the technology into their systems. EMV is designed to increase security of cardholder data by making it more difficult to skim information from the payment cards.

The versatility of Futurex technology makes it an ideal fit for both financial institutions who already support EMV and those who are looking to transition to an EMV-supported payment system. Futurex HSMs are all FIPS 140-2 Level 3-validated Secure Cryptographic Devices (SCD) that have support for all standard key algorithms and protocols, and the innovative Excrypt API allows for easy communication with host applications, simplifying the integration process. Expansive scalability options for increased throughput and additional hardware ensure your HSM network can grow alongside your business.

The Technology of EMV

EMV’s secure payment process is possible entirely through a cryptographic microchip embedded directly into the card. EMV-enabled smart cards support public key infrastructure (PKI), a two-key encryption system that provides trusted authentication for objects such as devices, users, documents, and more. When the card is activated for a payment transaction, the Point-of-Sale terminal issues a command to the chip embedded in the card, requesting verification that the transaction is authentic. The card uses an HSM to process validation using secured PKI information, and that response is sent back to the reader.

In order to set up the PKI that will allow EMV transactions to occur, an HSM is needed to generate, store, and manage the public and private keys that encompass PKI. It is essential that a compliant security solution be integrated into smart card-based payment systems to protect the encryption keys in physically secure hardware.

A Turnkey Solution

Futurex products are equipped to help your organization deploy and maintain EMV payments quickly, efficiently, and securely by providing customized and turnkey solutions and services:

  • Support for the total EMV lifecycle, including data preparation, card issuance, and transaction processing
  • Consulting, training, and audit preparation services are offered by Futurex’s team of industry-certified Solutions Architects
  • Seamless integration into your existing system makes the transition to EMV processing simple and with minimal intrusion into your current process
  • Significant fraud reduction and lower cost-per-transaction rate
  • Meets an increasing customer demand for higher security
  • Compliant with all major industry standards, reducing cost and scope of meeting PCI DSS compliance for the management of cardholder information

Futurex’s Approach to Complete EMV Security

When it comes to EMV, Futurex does not compromise on security or ease of use. Whether you are a card issuer or a business who wants to begin validating EMV transactions, the following solutions provide you with the technology tools needed to fulfill your business goals on the foundation of Futurex’s robust security.

  • Card Preparation and Issuance
    Utilizing Futurex HSMs for EMV card issuance provides an additional layer of protection into your payment card distribution system. Futurex devices have functionality for securely generating all the card preparation data necessary before distribution to your customers, and the HSMs can be integrated into your card printing system to inject the EMV technology directly into your production line. An easy-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI) and API simplifies the card issuance process, training, and management to provide EMV-supported cards.

  • Transaction Validation
    Through secure communication with a Futurex HSM, businesses are able to receive validation of EMV card transactions quickly and easily prior to approving funds for a purchase. The HSM's ability to decrypt Primary Account Number (PAN) data within the secure boundary of the physical HSM allows EMV payments to occur securely while maintaining the transactions per second (TPS) speed that your organization needs. Adding EMV transaction validations is as simple as sending commands through the easy-to-use API in Futurex HSMs.

Devices for EMV Issuance & Processing

Excrypt Series

Excrypt Series

Industry-leading technology for financial and general-purpose transaction processing and data security

  • FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliant and PCI HSM validated 
  • Standardize HSM infrastructure onto a single platform
  • Scalable up to 25,000 transactions per second
  • Process EMV, RSA, P2PE, tokenization, and mobile transactions
Excrypt SSP Enterprise v.2

Excrypt SSP Enterprise v.2

Protect your sensitive data and transactions with industry-leading security and speed:

  • Meets or exceeds industry compliance standards
  • Virtual HSMs allow for multiple independent data processing environments within a single physical platform
  • Increases the overall speed and functionality of your HSM network