The Guardian9000: Monitoring, Alerting, Logging, & Reporting Capabilities

by Futurex on October 6th, 2014

Efficiently operating a compliant data security infrastructure isn’t easy. Typically, management activities require multiple administrators and key officers to regularly visit each cryptographic device, often spread between geographically-dispersed data centers. For many organizations these costs can quickly spiral out of control, but with the Guardian9000, the difficulty and expense of these management tasks can be substantially reduced.

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EMV, P2PE, and Tokenization: Which is Right for Me?

by Futurex on June 24th, 2014

While it is important to know that EMV, Point-to-Pont Encryption (P2PE), and tokenization all share a core purpose of protecting sensitive cardholder data, it is even more important to understand that you don’t have to choose between these methods of defense. In fact, all three of these technologies can be used in the same environment to protect critical data in every stage of use.

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CryptoCube: Why Customization Matters

by Futurex on May 12th, 2014

When it comes to your core cryptographic infrastructure, your organization should not have to settle for off-the-shelf, generic devices or software. Too often, enterprises must piece together different components in order to create a system tailored to their needs, resulting in a mismatched, non-compatible mix of solutions that take time, money, and effort to integrate together.

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