Cloud Service Encryption: Eradicating the Risks of Shadow IT

by Futurex on April 3rd, 2017

As organizations’ employees identify tools outside of the organization’s official software and web tools, the risk of “shadow IT” (or IT that an organization’s IT department is not directly aware of) increases. Through VirtuCrypt’s Cloud Service Encryption (CSE) service, backed by Futurex hardware, organizations can introduce a system with the convenience of IT, but with enterprise-level security.

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Futurex and VirtuCrypt 2016 Highlights

by Samantha Renteria on December 20th, 2016

Have you heard the phrase, “everything is bigger in Texas”? Well, it’s true - because Futurex and VirtuCrypt have had a BIG 2016! From product announcements, new services, engaging customer trainings, and more – we have continued to push our technology to new bounds and share our passion for data security with customers and partners throughout the world. Let’s look back on some of 2016’s best moments!

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Hosted Monitoring, Alerting, and Reporting with VirtuCrypt Plus

by Samantha Renteria on February 1st, 2016

Before you can address any IT issue you have to know it exists. For this reason, Futurex and VirtuCrypt have partnered to offer a hosted monitoring, alerting, and reporting service exclusively for Futurex-based cryptographic environments. This VirtuCrypt Plus service leverages the convenience of the cloud to monitor the activities conducted by customer-owned Futurex devices.

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VirtuCrypt Elements and DipJar: Cloud-Based P2PE Deployment

by David Close on December 14th, 2015

The VirtuCrypt team and I have recently had the opportunity to work with an innovative company—DipJar, the creator of the world’s first electronic tip jar and donation box of the same name. They developed a card reader designed for merchant locations (as well as unique environments like the Salvation Army’s red kettles) where tipping has historically been possible only with cash.

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How the Cloud Can Enhance Healthcare Data Security

How the Cloud Can Enhance Healthcare Data Security

by Futurex on March 2nd, 2015

The medical industry is innovative and fast paced, and it needs technology that can evolve just as quickly. More and more healthcare organizations are embracing the functionality offered through cloud services. The VirtuCrypt Hardened Enterprise Security Cloud has the technology available to help healthcare organizations strengthen their core cryptographic infrastructures.

A chief concern for healthcare organizations is data security. With so many patients trusting medical facilities with sensitive personal information, healthcare organizations have a duty to... Read More