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Enterprise-Class Replacement for RSA’s Data Protection & Certificate Managers

Bulverde, Texas — Futurex and VirtuCrypt offer the industry’s most feature-rich enterprise key, certificate, and registration authority replacement for RSA’s Data Protection Manager (DPM) and Certificate Manager (RCM), which are rapidly approaching their end of life. Futurex and VirtuCrypt technologies are delivered as on-premises solutions, through the cloud, or as a hybrid model. These offerings are delivered as a turnkey single-vendor solution, eliminating the need to rely on cumbersome integration efforts involving multiple third-party vendors

With RSA’s announcement of the End of Primary Support for their DPM and RCM product suites, existing users of these products have an opportunity to analyze their enterprise key, certificate, and token management environment and develop a plan to meet not only current needs, but anticipated future needs as well. By working with Futurex’s CTGA-accredited Solutions Architect team to create and execute an implementation plan using the Hardened Enterprise Security Platform and VirtuCrypt cloud, users are ensured a seamless migration with no gap in support coverage or system downtime.

The Hardened Enterprise Security Platform is a suite of cryptographic solutions that together create turnkey cryptographic architecture. By design, it allows organizations to consolidate their cryptographic needs within a single platform, and Futurex’s focus on customization makes the solution both adaptable and scalable to organizational needs. For organizations migrating from RSA’s Data Protection Manager and Certificate Manager, the Hardened Enterprise Security Platform fulfills all current use cases and offers a wide range of expanded features. This includes Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP); OCSP; format-preserving encryption (FPE); vaulted and vaultless tokenization; key and certificate management; and more, all with centralized control and management of all settings, configuration parameters, user permissions, executive reports, audit logs, and more.

For more information and/or completion of the initial migration step, please contact us, learn more about the RSA DPM and RCM migration process, or schedule a webinar. A CTGA-accredited Solutions Architect is available to help your organization make the best decision for its cryptographic security needs.

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