Futurex’s encrypted key injection solution is the first to resolve new PCI PIN v3 compliance per new 2024 regulations

SAN ANTONIO, TX, UNITED STATES, March 4, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Futurex, the global leader in data encryption solutions across diverse industries like finance, healthcare, and government, today announced the launch of the Futurex Key Injection Solution. Industry-wide, there is a significant increase in the volume and sophistication of cyberattacks on retail point of sale. PCI is addressing this by mandating additional security controls over the way encryption keys (used for PIN encryption, card data encryption, etc.) are loaded onto these Point of Sale terminals.

This release was specifically created to assist companies in complying with the new PCI PIN 3.1 security requirement 32-9 that prohibits cleartext key injection for POI v5 and higher devices. Futurex’s solution is the first to deliver support for encrypted key loading to help comply with control objective 32-9 – making Futurex the encrypted key injection solution standard going forward.

Starting January 2024, PCI PIN v3 applies to new deployments of POI v5 and higher devices. Only encrypted key injection shall be allowed in order to comply with the latest PCI regulations. Impacted companies include banks and payment processors that load keys onto their own devices, Encryption Service Organizations (ESOs) that load keys on behalf of payment processors (most commonly in the United States), and Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs).

While this regulation focuses on updates for v5 and higher devices, organizations utilizing POI v4 devices will not enjoy an extended grace period. A looming deadline demands urgent action: as of April 30, 2024, POI v4 devices, extensively employed in the payment industry, will lose their PCI PTS certifications. This impending validation expiration necessitates immediate migration efforts for organizations, as failure to do so will result in significantly heightened security risks, increased audit scrutiny, and expanded liability exposure for continuing to operate v4 devices beyond this date.

To help organizations meet compliance requirements, the company developed a solution to solve the urgent need created by the new regulations. The Futurex solution provides an encrypted key injection protocol developed with leading payment terminal manufacturers and delivers streamlined encrypted key injection with full PCI PIN v3 compliance. It can be deployed as an on-premises appliance and in the cloud for easy integration into existing workflows.

Futurex Key Injection Solution Benefits:

  • Achieve PCI PIN compliance in one day
  • Load hundreds of terminals per hour
  • Deploy from anywhere with ease
  • Full-service key administration

“We are the most simple and effective solution to these new regulations that bolster security for the payment industry and represent a great step forward in reducing fraud and data theft,” stated David Close, chief solutions architect. “We can help organizations achieve compliance in as little as one day and have them back to focusing on core operations and maximizing their business goals.”

Futurex also offers completely managed solutions through its Key Injection Solutions Group – a complete key management as a service (KMaaS) and key agent services for administrating policies and procedures for protecting, storing, organizing, and distributing encryption keys. This combination of technology and services reduces management cost, complexity, and capital expenditure required to deliver key injection solutions.

To learn more about how Futurex can make your organization more efficient and PCl-compliant within a single day, visit https://info.futurex.com/key-injection-compliance-2024.


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