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Crypto Experts on Hand to Answer Your Questions

We’re counting down to the Futurex Virtual Summit 2020, coming to you every Thursday in June! We have a full-line up of technical sessions planned, discussions about the latest security and encryption trends, guest speakers, and the opportunity to talk with cryptographic experts about your pressing security questions. Do you have questions about maintaining operations continuity, multi-cloud key management, PKI best practices, upgrading your cryptographic infrastructure? Our Solutions Architects and executives will be on hand to answer your questions (virtually!).

We’re available to help solve your most difficult cryptographic challenges. Ready your questions for John, Khang, David, Maurizio, Tim, Nicholas, Ryan, Chris, and Rohit. Sign up here to schedule a one-on-one. If you prefer to ask your questions via email, please send them to

“In this forum we had the chance to meet the Management and Commercial teams, along with the Solutions Architects from Futurex, which has allowed us to have close communication and improve our customer requirement understanding and definition.”

-Juan Samaniego Jr., Country Manager, Advanced Services International (ADSI)

Check out the Futurex Virtual Summit 2020 agenda for the latest presentations. Sessions are being added regularly. Look for sessions marked with an egg for free huevos rancheros delivered to your doorstep by GrubHub:

  • Data Protection and Enterprise Key Management: What Does the Future Hold?
  • Top 5 Reasons to Move to Fully-Managed Financial Cloud HSMs
  • Best Practices for Deploying a Highly Scalable, Highly Available HSM Infrastructure
  • Next-Generation Financial Cloud HSMs in AWS
  • Turbocharge Your Multi-App Infrastructure with HSM Virtualization and Application Partitioning
  • Introduction and Feature Overview: Futurex HSM Firmware v6.7.x.x
  • HSM Automation and Scripting Made Easier: Latest Strategies and Tools
  • Modernizing the Point of Sale: What Does the Move to PCI 3.0 Mean for ESOs?
  • Centralized BYOK and Cloud Key Management
  • Financial Key Administrator Training: Best Practices for PCI Environments

Did you know? Many of these sessions can be submitted for CPE/CEU credit for (ISC)² or CompTIA certifications.

Register for the Futurex Virtual Summit 2020 today for deep-dive technical discussions, guest presentations, and the chance to talk to info security experts: See you soon!

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