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Cryptography: Innovating for the Future

Cryptography: Innovating for the Future

What cryptographic trends are we seeing in day-to-day business and beyond? Cryptography has come a long way since ATM cash withdrawals and secure internet browsing. There is no doubt that the cloud has spurred vast cryptographic adoption recently. Enterprises and financial services organizations alike are embracing cryptography — in many forms — for general network security, key management, code signing, retail payment transactions, and protecting data at rest and in transit.

In our latest article in Infosecurity Magazine, learn more about common security challenges, data security trends, and how organizations are using cryptography to innovate for the future. Ryan Smith, vice president, global business development, at Futurex, states, “Along with cryptography, we are seeing growing interest in its close cousin, tokenization, which is being implemented cross-industry…with increased data protection regulations, such as GDPR, we’re starting to see tokenization used more frequently in healthcare, financial services, and enterprises,” states Smith.

Evolutionary Innovations are Coming

“It’s a very exciting time. We’re on the forefront of new implementations and innovations, with encryption as the enabler. We’re seeing new ways payments are being taken, especially for the micro merchants; new payment methods, such as contactless payments on COTS, (CPoC), easy for the end user to set up and exchange money quickly; and the cloud continuing to get bigger and better. With everything combined, we are on the verge of a growing tide of evolutionary innovations I expect to see roll out in the next five to 10 years,” adds Smith. Read the article.

For more on the latest innovations in cryptography and enterprise security, you can watch all of on-demand sessions from the Futurex Virtual Summit 2021. Topics include:


  • Evolving Your Enterprise Cryptographic Services
  • The Art of Designing Next-Generation HSM Ecosystems
  • Maturing an Enterprise’s Key Management Infrastructure
  • Blazing New Trails in Data Privacy with Google Workspace Client-Side Encryption
  • PCI Compliance Meets Cloud Payment HSMs: What You Should Know
  • Introduction to Remote Key Loading for Verifone
  • A Post-Quantum Future: Technology Industry Standards
  • An Insider’s Guide to Moving Payment Applications to the Cloud
  • The Future of Contactless Payments: CPoC 360
  • Securing Cars, Rockets, and Slot Machines: IoT Key Management Best Practices

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