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Thank you to all our Featured Speakers!

Did you miss the Futurex Virtual Summit 2020 in June? In addition to deep dive technical cryptographic discussions, product drill-downs, how to’s, and best practices, we featured guest speakers from around the world to offer insight.

All of the Summit session are available on demand; watch them via

From secure banking to quantum computing, from digital transformation to PKI, from machine identity protection to cloud security, our featured guest speakers shared their perspectives around the latest happenings in the crypto space:

Digital Transformation in the Financial Segment

Guest: Eder Almeraz, Product Development Director, Mastercard

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Financial Key Administrator Training: Best Practices for PCI Environments

Nicholas Van Duyn, Chief Solutions Architect (EMEA)

Guest: Andrea Beatty, Principal, Delap Cyber

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Tips and Tricks to Manage Your Enterprise PKI

David Close, Chief Solutions Architect, Futurex

Guest: Paul Cleary, Ecosystem Architect, Venafi

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Crypto Lessons Learned After Decades in the Trenches

Ryan Smith, VP, Global Business Development, Futurex

Guest: Mark B. Cooper, President and Founder, PKI Solutions (aka The PKI Guy)

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Data Protection and Enterprise Key Management: What Does the Future Hold?

Connor Smith, Solutions Architect

Thaddeus Fuller, Software Engineering Technical Lead

Guest: Spencer Frye, Head of Business Development, nTropy

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Security and Regulations in the Payment Media Ecosystem in Mexico (Regulaciones en los ecosistemas de medios de pago en México)

Santos Campa, Regional Business Vice President, LAC, Futurex

Guest: Pedro Gil, Founder and CEO, Copayment

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Digital Transformation Projects, Regulations, and Agility (Seguridad en los Medios de Pago en la actualidad y los situientes pasos)

Guest: Monica Ramírez Niño, Co-Founder and Chief Entrepreneur, TowerTech Americas

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How to Ready Your IT Ecosystem for Quantum Computing

Adam Cason, Director of Product Marketing, Futurex

Guest: Alexander Truskovsky, Director, Technical Strategy, ISARA

Watch now

Next-Generation Financial Cloud HSMs in AWS

Ryan Smith and David Close, Chief Solutions Architect, Futurex

Guest: Tim Winston, Senior Assurance Consultant, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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“The Futurex Virtual Summit 2020 was very informative and relevant to today’s crypto environment. Possibly even better than an onsite summit as presentations could be paused, and also viewed again online. For many IT staff, it’s difficult to be able to take entire days away from work to attend onsite seminars. This virtual summit made it flexible enough where it was convenient for more folks to be able to attend.”

-James Haavisto, Fiserv

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