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Primer Foro de Seguridad BIO y Futurex: Save the Date, October 16

By November 20th, 2023No Comments

Primer Foro de Seguridad BIO y Futurex: Save the Date, October 16

Are you prepared to take advantage of the latest industry trends, technologies, and compliance requirements? Do you want to become a cryptographic expert? On October 16, Futurex and VirtuCrypt will be leading the Primer Foro de Seguridad BIO y Futurex in Lima, Perú, where we’ll dive into how to architect cryptographic ecosystems and deploy them in a compliant manner.

This summit provides both the industry specific skills necessary to aid in both the day-to-day and long-term operation of cryptographic technology, as well as guidance to maximize the long-term ROI for your data security infrastructure. The free event includes several engaging sessions where Futurex’s industry experts will share insights surrounding the latest trends, technologies, and best practices involving payments, enterprise cryptography, key management, and more, followed by the opportunity to network over wine-tasting. Attendees will also be able to submit lectures and presentations at the Primer Foro de Seguridad BIO y Futurex as credit hours for professional certifications, such as CISSP and CCSP, as well as Security+ and Cloud+.

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity. Join us on October 16 for the Primer Foro de Seguridad BIO y Futurex at the Lima Central Tower in Lima, Perú to learn more. You can find the agenda and register for free on our website. Come prepared to learn and share your own knowledge about how your organization has been able to overcome its most sophisticated data security challenges.

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