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Incorporating high availability into your crypto infrastructure

System failures are not an option. COVID-19 has changed the way we do business and, in many cases, has greatly increased the load for IT and data centers. It’s critical for organizations’ cryptographic infrastructures to stay healthy and maintain high availability for mission critical services, now more than ever. High availability encompasses not only all critical applications and databases but extends to the underlying services those applications depend on to function normally. One of the most critical of those services is the cryptographic infrastructure. Join our webinar on April 22, 2020 to learn how you can incorporate high availability into your infrastructure. Register today:

It’s not a stretch to say that encryption makes the world go around. Every phone call, email, credit card transaction and browser-based application depends on encryption to ensure confidentiality and security. In any business or organization, government or private, encryption is what keeps sensitive information from the eyes of those who wish to steal it.

The pervasive and vital role of encryption implies that your cryptographic infrastructure must be built on a high availability (HA) architecture. Such architectures prevent downtime due to failures of any kind, such as hardware or software failures or damaging environmental conditions like power outages, flooding or extreme storms. In true HA architectures, even system updates and maintenance can be accomplished without taking core systems offline.

Reliability engineering uses three principles of systems design to achieve high availability:

  • Eliminate single-points-of-failure
  • For redundant systems, crossover or failover points must be reliable
  • The system must detect and react to failures in real-time

As we have seen over the past weeks and months of 2020, the pandemic has forced work-from-home arrangements and even mass absenteeism, putting a burden on organizations’ ability to maintain their IT ecosystems. True HA architectures account for all these types of scenarios, and even system updates and maintenance can be accomplished without taking core systems offline.

Join our webinar on April 22, 2020, Incorporating High Availability into Your Crypto Infrastructure to learn how to deploy a well-architected cryptographic management platform to establish redundancy and avoid downtime and examine disaster recovery best practices using hybrid on-premises and cloud environments. Register now:

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