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HomeBlogThe latest cryptographic trends and technologies at the Futurex Summit, Mexico City: July 19-21, 2022

The latest cryptographic trends and technologies at the Futurex Summit, Mexico City: July 19-21, 2022

¡Bienvenidos a ciudad de México! Register now for an in-depth summit on the latest cryptographic technologies and real-world scenarios, implementations, and strategies to protect your most sensitive data. Futurex welcomes companies from Latin America and the Caribbean, and beyond, to attend the Futurex Summit Mexico City 2022, to be held in person July 19-21, 2022, at the Marquis Reforma Hotel in Mexico City. For more information and to register, please visit: The Summit is free to attendees, with sessions in both Spanish and English. 


Cybersecurity experts from Futurex will present emerging cryptography trends and data protection strategies, especially targeted for those working in financial services, retail, and manufacturing. Participants will receive a CPE/CEU certificate from (ISC)² or CompTIA necessary to earn industry credits. Presenters from Futurex include: 



The Futurex Summit Mexico City 2022 will offer sessions and workshops to guide industry professionals to better understand industry security trends and cryptography strategies customized for their organizations. Topics will cover how to mature your key management architecture, future-proof your cryptographic ecosystem, with a deeper dive to explore tokenization, key injection processes, and cloud security best practices. Specific topics include: 


  • Enterprise Security Trends and Best Practices 
  • When Hardware Meets the Cloud 
  • The Art of Designing Cryptographic Infrastructures for Payments 
  • An Introduction to Multitenancy and Virtualization in the HSM World·    


For a complete schedule of sessions, please visit 

Are you interested in scheduling an in-person meeting onsite or virtually? 


¡Nos vemos en la ciudad de México! 

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Santos Campa, a payments and electronic device manufacturing industry veteran, serves as the Futurex’s regional business VP for enterprise sales in Latin America and the Caribbean. Based in Futurex’s Mexico City office, Santos builds strong relationships in the region and provides customers customized solutions to satisfy the most vigorous compliance and security requirements. His technology expertise includes designing hardened security infrastructures, electronic payments, certificate/PKI management, hardened cloud security, and point-of-sale key injection.

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