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Financial Remote Key Loading Whitepaper Released

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January 15th, 2018, BULVERDE, Texas — Futurex is pleased to offer financial remote key loading (RKL) services, which gives customers the ability to distribute encryption keys to geographically-separated networks of ATMs, Point of Sale terminals, and IoT devices over a secure IP connection. With many elements of secure data processing reliant on encryption keys, effective lifecycle management is an essential element of any modern payment processing infrastructure.

RKL increases efficiency and vastly reduces the costs associated with traditional direct key injection. To encrypt cardholder data, all POS terminals and ATMs contain encryption keys. The traditional method of direct key loading requires physical access to those devices, either through sending the devices to a key injection facility (KIF) or visiting the devices in the field. RKL allows administrators to remotely inject keys over a secure connection from a centralized location. This remote method is more efficient, more secure, and less prone to human error.

With the Remote Key Management Server (RKMS) Series 3, Futurex’s primary RKL platform, all encryption keys are stored in the unit’s secure cryptographic device, and remotely injected to field-level terminals via a PKI-secured TLS connection. For customers who prefer cloud-hosted functionality, VirtuCrypt offers the same functionality through their Hardened Enterprise Security Cloud.

There are multiple components of a secure payment-processing infrastructure. RKL goes hand in hand with PIN encryption, point-to-point encryption (P2PE), tokenization, and other security mechanisms to ultimately provide a complete payment security infrastructure. Futurex and VirtuCrypt are the industry’s only single-vendor provider of these solutions. They offer their clients a holistic security platform with zero reliance on third-party providers.

For more information, visit Futurex’s RKMS product page, or contact a Solutions Architect for expert-level consultation on setting up compliant and scalable RKL services.

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