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Futurex Announces the Next Generation Excrypt Touch Remote Access Device

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BULVERDE, Texas – July 7 th, 2017- Futurex today announced the release and immediate availability of the next generation of the Excrypt Touch, its portable, touch screen-based tablet. The Excrypt Touch is used to remotely configure and manage Futurex’s enterprise data security technology, including hardware security modules, key and certificate management servers, and VirtuCrypt cloud services.

The Excrypt Touch uses a mutually authenticated, encrypted  Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to allow users to monitor and manage their Futurex devices from virtually anywhere in the world. With the ability to perform full configuration and key lifecycle management remotely, the Excrypt Touch offers functionality unmatched in the marketplace.

David Close, Chief Solutions Architect, noted the key role Futurex’s global customers and partners played in the development of the Excrypt Touch’s hardware and application functionality. “From the outset of the project, we took all of the things our customers loved about the original device and built upon them. This new Excrypt Touch reflects Futurex’s commitment to providing innovative, compliance-centric data security solutions to our customers.”

With the launch of the original Excrypt Touch, Futurex ushered in a new wave of remote management for organizations involved in enterprise encryption and key management. For the first time, users could manage their security servers in a fully compliant manner without needing to physically access the device. As such, organizations using the Excrypt Touch have saved vast amounts of time and money by greatly reducing trips to their data centers and speeding deployment of new hardware.

The Excrypt Touch includes a range of hardware and application improvements to enhance its overall functionality and usability. Noteworthy additions include:

    • Completely redesigned, mobile-friendly graphical user interface offering:

– The ability to connect to multiple Futurex devices simultaneously

– Intuitive on-screen keyboard, including hex keypad for key component entry

– Secure web browser access

– Streamlined device setup and profile management process

  • Slimmer, more ergonomic hardware design with a capacitive touch screen
  • Integrated reset to factory defaults (RFD) and secure decommission functionality
  • Biometric fingerprint reader for additional security when logging in to Futurex devices and remote enrollment capabilities for the AuthentiCrypt trusted identity platform
  • Native integration with VirtuCrypt’s Hardened Enterprise Security Cloud services

For more information, please visit the Excrypt Touch product page on Futurex’s website.

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