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BULVERDE, Texas and OAK PARK, Ill., November 10, 2020

Futurex, a leader in hardened, enterprise-class data security solutions, and Information Security Corporation (ISC), a developer of cybersecurity solutions based on public key cryptography, announced their integration that will add robust security for the issuance of digital certificates for classified data, optimized for classified data in U.S. federal environments. By using Futurex’s Vectera Plus Hardware Security Module (HSM), ISC’s CertAgent can deliver FIPS 140-2 Level 3-validated assurance for the underlying cryptography and certificate generation process required for highly secure government organizations and agencies.

ISC’s CertAgent and Futurex’s HSMs help protect classified data with robust security assurance

Public key cryptography is at the core of every transaction, information exchange, and secure communication over the Internet — to secure data and validate identities via digital certificates. Futurex’s HSMs are the security backbone of certificate validation and deployment, bringing FIPS 140-2 Level 3-validated technology to cryptography, to ensure the highest level of security for the most sensitive data.

ISC’s CertAgent is a CSfC-approved (Commercial Solutions for Classified) Certificate Authority, allowing it to be used in high-assurance and highly secure environments. CertAgent enables organizations to issue X.509 certificates for use throughout their infrastructure to authenticate users, applications, and devices including routers, webservers, VPNs, and phones to protect data. In cryptography, X.509 is a standard that defines the format of public key certificates. Certificates and CRLs issued by CertAgent comply with all federal and industry standards.

“We have been a trusted provider of mission-critical cryptographic security for enterprises for more than 40 years, delivering robust, compliant solutions that are future-proofed,” said David Close, chief solutions architect at Futurex. “We’ve always been focused on the importance of future-proofing infrastructure, security, scalability because that offers tremendous benefits to our customers. By integrating with ISC, organizations will be able to future-proof their certificate capabilities, with the ability to scale up to processing millions of certificates with the reassurance that their authentication and security needs will be supported.”

Andy McDermott, vice president of sales at Information Security Corporation (ISC), stated, “We deliver everything needed to PKI-enable an enterprise in support of strong authentication, confidentiality, and non-repudiation. ISC’s industry-leading certificate authority allows organizations to generate and deploy X.509 certificates and CRLs. Paired with Futurex’s Vectera Plus HSM, CertAgent provides FIPS 140-2 Level 3-validated assurance for all certificate and CRL issuance processes. All Futurex and ISC products are designed and developed in the United States to satisfy the requirements of our customers.”

About Futurex

For more than 40 years, Futurex has been a trusted provider of hardened, enterprise-class data security solutions. More than 15,000 organizations worldwide, including financial services providers and corporate enterprises, have used Futurex’s innovative hardware security modules, key management servers, and enterprise-class cloud solutions to address their mission-critical systems, data security, and cryptographic needs. This includes the secure encryption, storage, transmission, and certification of sensitive data. For more information, please visit

About Information Security Corporation

Information Security Corporation (ISC), founded in 1989, specializes in the design and development of cybersecurity solutions for PKI credential management, confidentiality, authentication, and the automated provisioning of relying applications. ISC is headquartered in Oak Park, IL and has regional offices in Rochester, NY, Arlington, VA, and Santa Cruz, CA.

In the last two decades, ISC has focused on the development of a variety of certificate lifecycle management applications and cryptographic web services employing classical as well as quantum-safe public key cryptography. CertAgent, an affordable, fully-functional X.509 certificate authority first released in 2001, was recently awarded NIAP Common Criteria certification and was the first fully-qualified CA to appear on the NSA CSfC approved components list. For more information, please visit

For Futurex:, +1 830-980-9782

For Information Security Corporation: Andy McDermott, vice president, sales,, 585-370-3831

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For over 40 years, Futurex has been a trusted provider of hardened, enterprise-class data security solutions. More than 15,000 organizations worldwide have used Futurex’s innovative hardware security modules, key management servers, and cloud HSM solutions to address mission-critical data encryption and key management needs.

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