Futurex today announced the release and immediate availability of the Excrypt Plus and Excrypt SSP Enterprise v.2 hardware security modules (HSM). The Excrypt Plus, which operates at up to 5,000 transactions per second (TPS), and the Excrypt SSP Enterprise v.2, which operates at over 20,000 TPS, represent the fastest and most feature-rich financial processing HSMs available today.

With the rate of attacks on financial services systems growing by the day, organizations worldwide are turning to enterprise data protection applications, powered by hardened cryptographic technology, to protect their most sensitive data. The Excrypt Series of HSMs integrates directly into Futurex’s Hardened Enterprise Security Platform as well as the VirtuCrypt cloud, providing the backbone for not only financial transaction security, but also enterprise key management, PKI, tokenization, data protection, and application integration.

In addition to turnkey backward compatibility with Futurex’s Excrypt SSP9000 and Excrypt SSP9000 Enterprise HSMs, the Excrypt Plus and Excrypt SSP Enterprise v.2 include the following feature enhancements:

  • General-purpose functionality
  • Custom command extensions, enabling users to expand Futurex’s existing command set within the HSM’s secure boundary
  • HSM virtualization, allowing the device to be divided into multiple logically separated HSMs, each with their own firmware, security policy, key storage space, configuration settings, and user groups
  • Direct integration with VirtuCrypt Plus for expansion services including health monitoring, disaster recovery, and more

“Forward-looking organizations seek true core-to-cloud solutions to solve their most complex data encryption and key management needs,” said Brett Smith, CEO of Futurex. “With the Hardened Enterprise Security Platform’s applications and cryptographic technology like the Excrypt Series, it’s no surprise the world’s most security-centric organizations standardize on Futurex.”

Visit the Futurex website for more information on the Excrypt Series of financial hardware security modules.

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