Top industry expert joins Futurex to spearhead expansion of “as a Service” offerings for Point of Sale and IoT key management

Futurex, the global leader in data encryption solutions across diverse industries like financial services, IoT manufacturing, and government, announced the appointment of Jason Way as vice president of payment cryptography services today. In his role, Mr. Way will guide the global expansion of Futurex’s product and service initiatives related to point-of-sale remote key injection (RKI), encrypted key loading, and over-the-air key management for IoT devices. With over two decades of hands-on experience, he has cultivated strong relationships across the industry, delivering robust solutions that align technology, compliance, and security.

Mr. Way will focus on Futurex’s retail Point of Sale key injection market expansion, enhancing the company’s market presence. He will support global key injection customers and partners in meeting PCI compliance mandates and devising strategies for revenue growth and improved customer experiences. Additionally, he will explore opportunities to apply Futurex’s expertise in adjacent IoT industries with similar security needs, aiming to expand the company’s footprint. His responsibilities will also include guiding the product mix of Futurex’s key injection solutions to maintain a leading position in the market.

During his tenure as a principal owner and chief architect of GEOBRIDGE Corporation, Mr. Way was instrumental in developing and growing the company’s key injection and management solutions, ultimately leading to the company’s acquisition in 2020. His track record in fostering strong client relationships and delivering robust solutions aligns seamlessly with Futurex’s commitment to excellence and innovation in cybersecurity.

“Connected technology plays a crucial role in today’s society, from retail Point of Sale systems to phones, cars, satellites, and the countless IoT and IIoT devices we depend on,” said Ryan Smith, vice president of global business development of Futurex. “As the globally deployed volume of these devices grows into the tens of billions and beyond, the need for secure and scalable encryption key management is paramount. Futurex is keenly aware of this and is excited to welcome Jason Way to the team to help us continue our strong growth trajectory.”

“I’m thrilled to bring my expertise to Futurex and collaborate with a dynamic organization committed to propelling cryptographic technologies forward,” said Jason Way, vice president of payment cryptography services. “I’m eager to contribute to the ongoing innovation of these technologies, ensuring they meet current and future client needs.”

The Futurex Mission: Protecting the World’s Most Sensitive Data

For over 40 years, Futurex has been an award-winning leader and innovator in the encryption market, delivering uncompromising enterprise-grade data security solutions. Over 15,000 organizations worldwide trust Futurex to provide groundbreaking hardware security modules, key management servers, and cloud HSM solutions.

Headquartered outside of San Antonio, Texas, with a global footprint spanning over a dozen data centers across four continents, Futurex delivers unmatched support for its clients’ mission-critical data encryption and key management requirements.