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Turnkey Migration of ATM Infrastructure to the Futurex Platform

By June 13, 2018August 18th, 2022No Comments

Bulverde, TX – Futurex has been fortunate enough to work with many different types of clients all over the world. Some are looking to establish their operations and build their security infrastructures from the ground up. Others have years of operational experience in their marketplace and are seeking to upgrade their cryptographic infrastructures without interrupting their day-to-day operations.

To support easy integration for established clients with system infrastructures already in place, Futurex incorporates a variety of features into its products to aid in adaptability. These include Futurex’s  Base Architecture Model, a flexible API, and a variety of other features in firmware and hardware designs of its products.

Futurex recently completed a successful project with one of Africa’s largest ATM deployers. This client had a well-established track record and solidified reputation as one of Africa’s most trusted providers of ATM services.

After years of successful operations, this company sought out Futurex to help them upgrade the cryptographic security mechanisms of their ATM infrastructure. After careful consultation with Futurex’s Solutions Architect team, four critical requirements were identified for successful migration into an upgraded system:

  • Quick and simple key translation
  • Easy system integration
  • System scalability
  • Rapid system integration

Futurex was able to provide a solution that met all these requirements, with minimal system impact and zero downtime. In the end, the perfect solution for this client was a winning combination of Excrypt HSMs for cryptographic processing, the Excrypt Touch tablet for easy system management, and the Futurex Freedom Application for secure key migration. This new solution ultimately upgraded the client’s security environment to a system that is standards-based, highly scalable, and well postured for the security needs of tomorrow.

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