Multi-Factor Authentication on Futurex HSM's

Managed by the FIDO (Fast Identity Online) Alliance, Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) is quickly becoming the new industry standard for verification. This provides significantly...


DUKPT Process

Derived Unique Key Per Transaction is a type of encryption key management used for PIN encryption and safeguarding cardholder data. This document provides a high-level overview...


Vaultless Tokenization - Whitepaper

Tokenization is a method of concealing sensitive data by using random characters as placeholder data. Futurex offers vaultless tokenization, which securely generates reversible...


Service Overview: Next Generation Cloud Payment HSMs

VirtuCrypt, Futurex’s cloud hardware security module (HSM) and key management platform, is an award-winning provider of enterprise-class cloud security services. VirtuCrypt...


Integrating Public Clouds with Financial Cloud HSMs

This whitepaper provides an overview of the architecture of financial cloud HSMs and an increasingly popular deployment approach organizations are migrating to – cloud HSMs...


Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services

Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS), through a server that acts as a certificate authority (CA), manages certificates distributed to users, devices, and...


Service Overview: Next-Generation Cloud HSMs

VirtuCrypt is Futurex’s award-winning cloud hardware security module (HSM) and key management platform. VirtuCrypt provides cloud-based access to Futurex’s cryptographic...


VirtuCrypt Data Center Security

When choosing a cloud provider for your core cryptographic infrastructure, one aspect your organization cannot afford to overlook is the security and reliability of the data...

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