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Cyber resilience through strategic partnerships

2020 was a crucial year for the financial sector. Many organizations were challenged to find innovative ways to grow amid rapid changes in the market. During this time, Copayment, a Mexican payments security company, began a strategic partnership with Futurex. They sought a technology partner with best-in-class customer support matched by industry expertise and found the ideal fit in Futurex. Since partnering, Copayment has leveraged Futurex’s HSM platforms to grow its customer base and market share, opening the doors to global opportunities for the fast-growing company.  

To help organizations around the world protect their most sensitive data, Futurex partners with a wide range of IT distributors and consultants in different global markets. With Copayment, the cryptographic focus is payment security.  

Learn more about how Copayment protects payment transactions through Futurex hardware security modules by reading the full case study here.  


For over 40 years, Futurex has been a trusted provider of hardened, enterprise-class data security solutions. More than 15,000 organizations worldwide have used Futurex’s innovative hardware security modules, key management servers, and cloud HSM solutions to address mission-critical data encryption and key management needs.

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