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Check out the CryptoHub press release.

Day Two Summit Recap… Join Us Next Week for More!

Greetings from San Antonio! Join us virtually in June.

Another great day of the Futurex Virtual Summit 2020! Thank you to everyone who joined us on Day Two. There are still two more full days of the Summit; join us Thursday, June 18 and Thursday, June 25 for more tech talk talks and demos with our cryptographic and information security experts. If you haven’t registered, you can still do so:

Did you miss Day One? Did you miss Day Two? You can watch the June 4 and the June 11 on-demand presentations here.

Kicking off our second day of the Futurex Virtual Summit 2020 was Futurex’s David Close, Chief Solutions Architect, and guest speaker Paul Cleary, Ecosystem Architect with Venafi to present Tips and Tricks to Manage Your Enterprise PKI. They discussed enterprise public key infrastructure (PKI), how to deploy a system with robust certificate workflow, how to get to a point where your infrastructure is automated, and how to plan for the future with crypto agility. “We spend billions protecting user names and passwords. But almost nothing protecting machine identities which secure our critical systems and data,” noted Cleary. Learn more and watch the presentation here.

Did you participate in the session, Top 5 Reasons to Move to Fully-Managed Financial Cloud HSMs? Karen Multer walks through the key reasons why your organization should move to financial cloud HSMs. After going through the tactical and strategic benefits of operating in the cloud, Karen discusses the financial cloud HSM service models that we offer through VirtuCrypt. Watch now. Santos Campa, Futurex Regional Business VP, LAC, gives this presentation in Spanish. Watch the presentation here.

Futurex customers and partners can access in-depth technical presentations via the Futurex portal. These include Introduction and Feature Overview: Futurex HSM Firmware v6.7.x.x with John Rios, Solutions Architect at Futurex and Max Gysi with the Solutions Architect Team; and Turbocharge Your Multi-App Infrastructure with HSM Virtualization and Application Partitioning with Khang Ma, Solutions Architect Group Lead and Ben Barrows, Solutions Architect.

We’re here to help you solve your most pressing security and cryptographic challenges. Our Solutions Architects and executives are on hand to answer your questions anytime. Sign up here to schedule a one-on-one. If you prefer to ask your questions via email, please send them to

Check out the Futurex Virtual Summit 2020 agenda for presentations taking place Thursday, June 18. Sessions are being added regularly. What about breakfast delivered? Look for sessions marked with an egg for free huevos rancheros delivered to your doorstep by GrubHub!

  • Modernizing the Point of Sale: What Does the Move to PCI 3.0 Mean for ESOs?
  • Best Practices for Deploying a Highly Scalable, Highly Available HSM Infrastructure
  • HSM Automation and Scripting Made Easier: Latest Strategies and Tools
  • How to Ready Your IT Ecosystem for Quantum Computing with guest presenter Alexander Truskovsky, Director, Technical Strategy, ISARA
  • Security and Regulations in the Payment Media Ecosystem in Mexico (Regulaciones en los Ecosistemas de Medios de Pago en México) with guest presenter Pedro Gil, Founder and CEO, Copayment

Did you know? Many of these sessions can be submitted for CPE/CEU credit for (ISC)² or CompTIA certifications.

Register for the Futurex Virtual Summit 2020 today for deep-dive technical discussions, guest presentations, and the chance to win a Nintendo Switch Lite: See you Thursday!