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Futurex is Now Part of the CyberArk C3 Alliance

Protect your sensitive information with Futurex and CyberArk. Futurex is now a member of the C3 Alliance, CyberArk’s global technology partner program, which brings together enterprise software, IT security, and service providers to build on the power of privileged access management to better protect organizations from cyber threats. CyberArk Identity Security customers can now offload key management to a Futurex hardware security module (HSM) to further increase security, reduce insider threat risk, and help prevent key compromise. Learn more about the CyberArk integration via the CyberArk Marketplace, the broadest and deepest inventory of privileged access-related technology integrations. Or download the integration guide today.

Part of the CyberArk Identity Security Platform, the CyberArk Digital Vault is a secure repository of all sensitive information, responsible for securing this information, managing and controlling all access to it, and maintaining and providing tamper-proof audit records.

More than ever, companies are prioritizing security and looking for ways to improve their data security while giving them more control over the data, including better management of their cryptographic keys with a robust and streamlined key management solution. This is where our HSMs, specifically Futurex’s Vectera Plus, fit in.

Let’s look at how they work together. Once CyberArk Digital Vault has been installed and has started successfully, users can generate a new server key on their Vectera Plus, where it will be stored within the confines of a FIPS 140-2 Level 3-validated HSM as a non-exportable key. The Vault’s server key is used to “open” the vault, much like the key to a physical vault. The key is required to start the Vault, after which the server key can be removed until the server is restarted. When the Vault is stopped, the information stored in the vault is completely inaccessible without the key.

If you don’t already have hardened security, now might be the time to learn more about how it can significantly improve your security posture. Futurex’s Vectera Plus combines the best of both general-purpose and financial purpose data processing, bringing FIPS 140-2 Level 3-validated technology to general purpose cryptography — ensuring security at a level reserved for the most sensitive data, which a vault key most certainly represents.

The CyberArk C³ Alliance helps customers defend against evolving and increasingly damaging attacks, by offering solutions that work together to minimize attack surface vulnerabilities and maximize the ability to deter and respond to attacks, while keeping operations running smoothly and efficiently. It brings together best-of-breed technology and solutions to incorporate security best practices into their own offerings and deliver integrated, tested solutions to better protect customers.

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