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Highlights and Key Trends from the Futurex Summit Mexico City 2022

Futurex Summit Mexico City 2022

¡Gracias por unirse al Futurex Summit en la Ciudad de México 2022!

Professionals in financial services, retail, and manufacturing from across Latin America and the Caribbean converged at the Futurex Summit Mexico City 2022, to learn and discuss the latest cryptographic trends and data protection strategies.

Cybersecurity experts from Futurex presented interactive sessions and workshops to help guide industry professionals through security trends and strategies including how to future-proof their ecosystems, key management best practices, and cloud security options.

“Futurex Summit Mexico City 2022 was where I was able to learn more about Futurex and VirtuCrypt’s value proposition. They provided the ADSI team with new ideas to offer to the Latin American market, as the cases studies were very clear. Congratulations to the organizing team as everything was top notch,” said Juan Samaniego, country manager, ADSI.

Here are Summit highlights:

Futurex Summit Mexico City 2022

Summit presenters from Futurex included:

Companies Worldwide Prioritizing Business Agility

With insight into companies and their cryptographic implementations, we know firsthand that organizations around the world are future-proofing their cryptography through:

  1. HSM virtualization
  2. Cloud migration
  3. Investing in next-generation compliance
  4. Customer experience innovation
  5. Cryptography-as-a-service

From a Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) perspective, “customers want to make sure that they are investing in an infrastructure that can be scalable and something they can use for the long term,” says Santos Campa. What’s trending is the cloud. The cloud presents an agile business case and Campa is seeing customers evaluating next-generation compliance, such as the next PCI and the next FIPS, so their cryptographic investments are future-proofed.

“I would like to congratulate you on the Futurex Summit 2022 event. For me, it was very important to be there, since we have learned about the security trends in the financial industry and the best practices to use our HSMs along with the existing alternatives to support large transactional volumes.  With that said, now we that we could focus in all this detailed information, we will be able to continuously improve our service,” Pedro Gil, CEO of Copayment.

If you weren’t able to attend in person, let’s schedule a virtual meeting: 

¡Hablamos pronto!

Futurex Summit Mexico City 2022

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