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How Are Financial Services Innovating?

As financial services providers explore new ways to innovate their offerings to consumers, integrate with more payment applications, and streamline their crypto key management processes, they are turning to next-generation cryptography and the cloud. This is driven in part by the migration of payment hardware security modules (HSMs) to the cloud, offering the scalability and cost benefits of the cloud for payments along with the ability to streamline processes, such as key management.

Everyday financial needs — transaction acquiring, card and mobile issuing, point-to-point encryption — can now be conducted in the cloud while meeting security and payment compliance requirements such as FIPS 140-2 validation, PCI DSS, PCI P2PE, and PCI PIN.

Read Exploring the Next Generation of Cryptography to Enable Innovation, the latest article by Adam Cason, Futurex’s vice president of global and strategic alliances. He wrote about:

  • Payment processing in the cloud
  • Exploring the next generation of cryptography
  • Applications fueling cloud migration
  • Best practices for managing an organization’s cryptographic infrastructure

Read the MarTech Series article here.

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