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Next-generation Financial Cloud HSMs in AWS

AWS cloud HSM integration

What an amazing Day 3 of the Futurex Virtual Summit 2020! Thank you to everyone who joined us! You’ll want to catch the final day of the Summit on Thursday, June 25 for more in-depth tech talks and demos with our cryptographic and information security experts – plus several guest speakers. If you haven’t registered, you can still do so:

Check out the Futurex Virtual Summit 2020 agenda for presentations taking place on Thursday, June 25. Sessions are being added regularly. What about breakfast delivered? Look for the morning session marked with an egg for free huevos rancheros delivered to your doorstep by GrubHub!

  • Next-Generation Financial Cloud HSMs in AWS, with guest presenter Tim Winston, Senior Assurance Consultant, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Crypto Lessons Learned After Decades in the Trenches, with guest presenter, Mark B. Cooper, President and Founder, PKI Solutions
  • Digital Transformation Projects, Regulations, and Agility (Seguridad en los Medios de Pago en la actualidad y los situientes pasos) with guest presenter Monica Ramírez Niño, Co-Founder and Chief Entrepreneur, TowerTech Americas
  • Financial Key Administrator Training: Best Practices for PCI Environments
  • Futurex Summit 2020 Roundtable: Your Questions Answered – send your questions to in advance

Did you know? Many of these sessions can be submitted for CPE/CEU credit for (ISC)² or CompTIA certifications.

Did you miss any of the Summit presentations? You can watch the on-demand presentations here. For sessions reserved for current customers and partners, you can watch presentations via the Futurex portal.

Recap of Day 3: Watch the On-Demand Presentations

Kicking off Day 3 of the Futurex Virtual Summit 2020 was Futurex’s Khang Ma, Solutions Architect Group Lead and Tim Weston, Senior Business Development Executive at Futurex, presenting “Modernizing the Point of Sale: What Does the Move to PCI 3.0 Mean for ESOs?” They outline the new changes coming with PCI 3.0, the impact, what this means to your organization, and what steps you to take to ready for compliance. “If you’re nervous about the changes, don’t be. We’re experts in the field. Reach out and we’ll put a game plan together for you for updating all of your control objectives and policies and procedures to meet PCI 3.0 compliance and get you on the latest and greatest to make sure you’re compliant on the hardware side as well,” said Khang. Learn more and watch the presentation here.

Did you participate in the session “Best Practices for Deploying a Highly Scalable, Highly Available HSM Infrastructure?” Ryan Smith, Vice President, Global Business Development at Futurex and Futurex’s Chris Graham, Solutions Architect, discuss high availability in crypto ecosystems, outline unique considerations, and give examples of disaster recovery events and how to eliminate single points of failure. They reference ISO’s Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) model and outline best practices for “happy auditor, happy life,” in Smith’s words. Watch the presentation via the Futurex portal.

Quantum computing was on the agenda as Adam Cason, Director of Product Marketing at Futurex and guest presenter, Alexander Truskovsky, Director, Technical Strategy at ISARA discussed “How to Ready Your IT Ecosystem for Quantum Computing.” They discuss what quantum computing holds for the future of IT. They walk through what quantum-safe cryptography entails, the principles of crypto agility, and best practices that enterprise security architects should keep in mind for the future. Watch the on-demand presentation here.

Throughout the Summit, we offer several sessions in Spanish, including:

  • Mejores Prácticas para desplegar una infraestructura de HSM con Alta Escalabilidad, Altamente Disponible. This session is available on the Futurex portal.
  • Automatización de HSMs y Scripting hecho fácil: Últimas Estrategias y Herramientas. This session is available on the Futurex portal.
  • Regulaciones en los ecosistemas de Medios de Pago en México with guest presenter, Pedro Gil, Director of Copayment. This session is available on demand here.

We’re here to help you solve your most pressing security and cryptographic challenges. Our Solutions Architects and executives are on hand to answer your questions anytime. Sign up here to schedule a one-on-one. If you prefer to ask your questions via email, please send them to

Register for the Futurex Virtual Summit 2020 today for deep-dive technical discussions, guest presentations, and the chance to win a Nintendo Switch Lite: See you Thursday!

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