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See How Futurex and Venafi Expand Machine Identity Protection

The Machine Identity Protection Development Fund continues to extend new levels of protection to the world’s largest and most security conscious organizations. Today, I’d like to feature an integration from Futurex, a leading provider of hardened enterprise-class data security solutions. Last week, Futurex and Venafi announced the integration of Futurex’s hardware security modules (HSMs), KMES Series 3 and Vectera Plus, with Venafi’s Trust Protection Platform. The integration of Machine Identity Protection with secure key generation and storage and integrated private PKI with FIPS 140-2 Level 3-validated HSMs enables enterprises to guard against key compromise, reduce fraud risk and protect against insider attacks.Here’s how the two solutions work together. Venafi Trust Protection Platform provides the visibility, intelligence, and automation security teams need to protect TLS, SSH, and code signing machine identities across the enterprise and cloud. Futurex’s KMES Series 3 and Vectera Plus hardware-based cryptographic appliances function as an enterprise Certificate Authority (CA) with the power of an integrated hardware security module. This allows enterprises to secure and protect all cryptographic functions and offload certificate lifecycle management.

“With attacks on the rise targeting encryption keys, organizations using Venafi’s machine identity protection solutions increasingly need added mission-critical security protection provided by Futurex HSMs,” said Ryan Smith, vice president of global business development at Futurex. “In addition to meeting high-security needs, the use of our HSMs will help organizations reduce management overhead and lower overall total cost of ownership.”

The Futurex integration enables security teams to define X.509 certificate profiles to fit the entire breadth of enterprise needs from mobile devices to ephemeral DevOps containers. Customers can use Futurex within the Venafi ecosystem from application servers to Application Delivery Controllers (ADC) to the DevOps toolchain and cloud services. With the KMES Series 3, custom extension profiles can be defined directly in an issuance policy and integrated into TPP for an advanced level of customization and granular control. In addition, since the KMES Series 3 offers turnkey integration with Futurex’s Hardened Enterprise Security Platform and Futurex’s VirtuCrypt cloud HSM services, organizations can incorporate high assurance security throughout their enterprise, across a wide range of applications.

“The integration of Futurex with the Venafi Trust Protection Platform is an exciting development that our mutual customers have asked for,” said Kevin Bocek, VP, Ecosystem and Threat Intelligence of Venafi. “It provides customers with an enterprise-grade HSM platform that delivers and scales enterprise-wide security, increases efficiencies, and improves compliance. Through this integration Futurex provides security teams with a consistent hardware platform that protects machine identities with strongest security, so they are able to safeguard keys and, at the same time, make it easy to access enterprise PKI.”

Want to learn more? Details about the Venafi and Futurex integration are available on the Venafi Marketplace.

This is a guest post by Bridget Hildebrand with Venafi. Read the original blog post here. (here is a link:

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