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The Futurex Summit 2023 in Mexico City was an Extraordinary Event that Left a Lasting Impression 

The Futurex Summit Mexico City 2023 was a success! During this exciting event, we had the privilege of bringing together over 70 attendees from various corners of the world to share ideas, knowledge, and experiences in the fascinating realm of data security and cryptography. 

For over 3 years, the Futurex Summit has been a benchmark in the industry, where security experts and professionals from leading companies are gathered in a collaborative and enriching environment. Throughout the event, keynote speeches, panel discussions, and interactive workshops addressed current challenges and emerging trends in the cybersecurity landscape. 

One of the highlights of the Summit was the active participation of our attendees, who shared their insights and unique perspectives on key topics such as advanced encryption, key management, safeguarding sensitive data, and cloud security. The interactions and debates were exhilarating, leaving a profound impact on everyone who attended. 

In addition, the Futurex Summit 2023 provided the perfect platform to acknowledge some of the most outstanding companies in the field of data security. Leading enterprises like Sinetcom, Helvetia, Edisol, and ADSI were honored with well-deserved accolades for their valuable contributions as partners. 

We also extend our sincere appreciation to Valther Galvan, Salvador Michel, and Armando Jasso for being an integral part of this extraordinary event. Their presence and expertise added significant depth to the discussions during the round table and further solidified the Futurex Summit as a premier event in the field of data security. 

The spirit of collaboration and camaraderie that permeated throughout the Futurex Summit 2023 was truly inspiring. Attendees had the opportunity to network with industry peers and renowned experts, opening new doors and endless possibilities for future collaborations and innovative projects. 

Needless to say, the Futurex Summit 2023 was a marvelous and enriching experience.  

‘’Recently, I attended the Futurex Summit Mexico City 2023 event at the Citibanamex Convention Center. I met passionate professionals and shared ideas with people who share my interest in cybersecurity. The event exceeded my expectations, especially in terms of networking, where I made valuable connections with a looking forward to the future’’ Valther Galvan, CISO of PROSA.

‘’I was taken aback by how quickly the day flew by due to the engaging talks; I believe there was effective time management for the presentations. The roundtable discussion also proved to be quite interesting and innovative. Overall, it was an outstanding experience, and I look forward to attending again next year’’ Eduardo Vilajuana, Criptography Key Officer of Transbank.

We eagerly look forward to the next year’s Futurex Summit, where we will continue to drive innovation and excellence in the data security industry! 


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