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Check out the CryptoHub press release.

The Futurex Virtual Summit 2020: It’s a Wrap!

The Futurex Virtual Summit 2020: It’s a Wrap!

First of all, thank you, to everyone who attended the Futurex Virtual Summit 2020 from near and far! From in-depth technical sessions to guest speakers, from product launches to bringing San Antonio to you, from demonstrations to sessions in Spanish, we’re glad you shared your Thursdays in June with us.

We concluded the Futurex Virtual Summit 2020 with a bang! If you missed any of the Summit presentations throughout June, you can watch the on-demand presentations here. For sessions reserved for current customers and partners, you can watch presentations via the Futurex Portal.

On Thursday, June 25, we announced Futurex’s next-generation VirtuCrypt financial cloud HSM. VirtuCrypt financial cloud HSM services support financial organizations’ critical payment systems cryptographic and key management needs in the cloud — the industry’s first financial cloud cryptographic solution with native Amazon Web Services (AWS) support. For more information, visit: Check out the video:

“We’re proud to announce a range of groundbreaking enhancements to our VirtuCrypt financial cloud HSM – the industry’s first financial cloud HSM with native AWS integration – building on years of cloud HSM experience and delivering on our commitment to meeting the security, robustness, scalability, and compliance needs of financial services organizations worldwide,” said Ryan Smith, Futurex’s Vice President, Global Business Development.

Since 2015, VirtuCrypt financial cloud HSMs have provided services for organizations of all sizes. With five data centers worldwide and certifications including PCI DSS, PCI PIN, PCI P2PE, and TR-39, VirtuCrypt services are a platform-agnostic way for organizations to deploy cryptographic services across a range of financial use cases and architectures.

Recap of Day 4 of the Summit

We kicked off Day 4 of the Summit with “Next-Generation Financial Cloud HSMs in AWS.” Ryan Smith and David Close, Futurex’s Chief Solutions Architect presented, along with guest Tim Winston, Senior Assurance Consultant with AWS. Smith and Close unveiled the next-generation VirtuCrypt financial cloud HSM with demos and discussed the integration with AWS as ”stronger together.” Winston highlighted the main drivers of the cloud:

  • Agility/elasticity
  • Cost
  • Depth and breadth of platform
  • Proven security

In the “Crypto Lessons Learned After Decades in the Trenches” fireside chat with Smith and Mark B. Cooper, President and Founder, PKI Solutions, the only thing missing was the fireplace! This was a lively and fun discussion of PKI and crypto stories, with Lord of the Rings and Indiana Jones references! Cooper likened the KMES to the Staff of Ra from Indiana Jones. (The headpiece to the Staff of Ra was a much sought-after bronze medallion, which was originally designed as a means to reveal the location of the Ark of the Covenant, according to “The KMES product has some pretty amazing capabilities that, in the right hands, it does things that we can’t find in any other CA out there,” says Cooper.

Other sessions from Day 4 included:

  • Digital Transformation Projects, Regulations, and Agility (Seguridad en los Medios de Pago en la actualidad y los situientes pasos) with guest presenter Monica Ramírez Niño, Co-Founder and Chief Entrepreneur, TowerTech Americas
  • Digital Transformation in the Financial Segment with Eder Almeraz, Product Development Director, Mastercard
  • Financial Key Administrator Training: Best Practices for PCI Environments. Nick Van Duyn, Futurex’s Chief Solutions Architect (EMEA) dives into PCI and TR-39 compliance, cryptographic primitives or payments, and complying with audit requirements.


We wrapped up the Futurex Virtual Summit 2020 with a roundtable discussion to answer attendees’ questions from throughout the Summit. Adam Cason, Director of Product Marketing, joined Close and Smith, with host Samantha Renteria, Client Services Specialist at Futurex. Questions focused around key management, remote access, PCI audits, and crypto as a service. Amidst the pandemic, notes Close, “So many [crypto] projects slowed down and so many have sped up.”

As you watch and re-watch the sessions, please send any questions to Our Solutions Architects and executives are always available to answer your strategy questions and help you out. Long after the Summit is over, you can sign up here to schedule a one-on-one crypto strategy session.