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Check out the CryptoHub press release.

VirtuCrypt Hardened Enterprise Security Cloud Delivery Models

No organization is the same, and the days of cloud services that expect everyone to want the same features are now at an end. VirtuCrypt is changing the way enterprises utilize the cloud, promoting flexibility and customization in order to meet the unique needs of every organization.

Too often, organizations are forced to choose between a customized solution or rapid deployment. There’s no need for such worries with VirtuCrypt. One of the main features that sets VirtuCrypt apart is the Base Architecture Model (BAM) of all its products, a common codebase that makes customization across an entire infrastructure quick and easy. By combining turnkey devices with the skilled knowledge of Futurex’s TR-39 CTGA-certified Solutions Architects, your organization does not have to wait for a perfectly suited cloud environment, getting exactly what you want without the drawback of delayed deployment.

To make expedited deployment even more easily reached, VirtuCrypt has been designed with four basic formats: Fully Futurex-Hosted, Partially Futurex-Hosted, Redundant Backup, or Full Enterprise Solution. The following formats provide a starting point for honing in on the services ideal for individual enterprises.

Fully Futurex-Hosted

Not every organization has the resources or desire to implement and maintain their own data center. The high cost associated with facility upkeep, the worry of ensuring redundancy, the necessity of maintaining security, and the hassle of meeting compliance mandates can all be avoided. VirtuCrypt takes on the burden of audits, security and facility maintenance, and redundant backup so that your organization doesn’t have to.

Partially Futurex-Hosted

For organizations that have already implemented a cryptographic infrastructure, but desire additional functionality or scalability, VirtuCrypt can be easily integrated into the existing system. VirtuCrypt will communicate directly with the host application in conjunction with the original infrastructure.

Redundant Backup

Data loss, both by natural disaster and by malicious attack, can cost an organization beyond measure. Establishing a redundant backup of data and processing capabilities acts as insurance against such an occurrence, keeping company data safe and secure. VirtuCrypt’s facilities are fully redundant across multiple secure SSAE 16 (SOC 1, 2, and 3), PCI DSS, and HIPAA-compliant hosting facilities. Your existing core cryptographic infrastructure will function as normal while VirtuCrypt replicates the data and securely stores it as a failsafe.

Full Enterprise Solution

A full scale custom development of Futurex’s Hardened Enterprise Security Platform is available for enterprises desiring the implementation of an entire cryptographic infrastructure. Futurex will perform a thorough system analysis and design, develop a custom-built infrastructure, and deploy that infrastructure into VirtuCrypt’s cloud, providing 24x7x365 Xceptional Support and seamless enhancements in the future.

Too often, the visions of great enterprises are limited by the tools are their disposal, but the cloud is changing that, providing exactly the functionality that needed to achieve those visions. Choosing a cloud service that will implement the services best suited to an individual enterprise eliminates the waste of time and resources, allowing organizations to focus on their goals. Whether an organization requires an offsite backup or an entire cryptographic infrastructure, VirtuCrypt has the customizability and security to fulfill unique needs.