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What is CPoC?

CPoC, or Contactless Payment on COTS, is a new standard developed by the PCI Security Standards Council. It allows merchants to conduct secure, contactless payment transactions using COTS devices like mobile phones and tablets. With CPoC solutions, a merchant's point of sale is extended far beyond the checkout counter. 


To help SoftPOS developers achieve CPoC compliance, Futurex has designed a powerful new turnkey solution that meets all requirements of the CPoC standard: CPoC 360.


CPoC 360 Service by Futurex

The Futurex CPoC 360 Service is the next big opportunity for companies developing SoftPOS applications. 


CPoC 360 is a low-cost, high-efficiency way for merchants to improve the customer experience by offering a level of convenience closer to online shopping. Download the brochure .



Key advantages of CPoC 360

  1. Develop Once, Deploy Globally: CPoC 360 includes a device-agnostic API
  2. Designed for the Cloud: The VirtuCrypt cloud offers full redundancy and high availability 
  3. Get to Market Fast: CPoC 360 offers a turnkey approach for fast integration and deployment
  4. Simplify Audits: robust audit logs are provided via VirtuCrypt cloud HSMs


VirtuCrypt Cloud HSMs

Redundant Cloud HSMs ensure fast and secure transaction processing.

  • Futurex’s CPoC 360 service delivers Cloud HSMs for any aspect of transaction processing.
  • CPoC compliance is maintained using Futurex’s dynamic VirtuCrypt Cloud.


Validated security

Merchants data is protected by Futurex’s FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and PCI validated hardware security modules. 


Excrypt API

Excrypt API reduces development effort.

  • CPoC 360 includes the Excrypt API, with which developers can integrate CPoC 360 with numerous applications.
  • This reduces time to market and development overhead.


Use Cases

  1. Imagine a busy retail store on Black Friday. If the store deploys a CPoC solution, its employees can process customer payments anywhere in the store using CPoC-enabled mobile devices, preventing long checkout lines from forming.
  2. A local artisan running a stall at a farmers' market can take payments using their mobile phone, rather than having to purchase extra hardware.


CPoC 360 Features

  • Device and code signing
  • Remote key loading
  • FIPS validated entropy source
  • Device attestation
  • Transaction processing
  • Redundant cloud HSMs


VirtuCrypt Intelligence Portal

The VirtuCrypt Intelligence Portal is a powerful and intuitive way to securely manage Futurex CPoC 360 from a single source.

  • Track activity
  • Generate audit logs 
  • Manage all COTS devices