CPoC 360 Service

Secure contactless payments

Achieve CPoC compliance by  leveraging the VirtuCrypt cloud

The Futurex CPoC 360 Service is the next big opportunity for companies developing SoftPOS applications. CPoC 360 is a low-cost, high-efficiency way for merchants to improve the customer experience by offering a level of convenience closer to online shopping.

To help SoftPOS developers achieve CPoC compliance, Futurex has designed a powerful new turnkey solution that meets all requirements of the CPoC standard: CPoC 360.

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What is CPoC 360?

CPoC, or Contactless Payment on COTS, is a new standard developed by the PCI Security Standards Council. It allows merchants to conduct secure, contactless payment transactions using COTS devices like mobile phones and tablets. With CPoC solutions, a merchant’s point of sale is extended far beyond the checkout counter.

CPoC 360 features

  • Device and code signing
  • Remote key loading
  • FIPS validated entropy source
  • Device attestation
  • Transaction processing
  • Redundant cloud HSMs

Validated security

Merchants data is protected by Futurex’s FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and PCI validated hardware security modules.

Excrypt API

Excrypt API reduces development effort.

  • CPoC 360 includes the Excrypt API, with which developers can integrate CPoC 360 with numerous applications.
  • This reduces time to market and development overhead.

VirtuCrypt cloud HSMs

Redundant Cloud HSMs ensure fast and secure transaction processing.

  • Futurex’s CPoC 360 service delivers Cloud HSMs for any aspect of transaction processing.
  • CPoC compliance is maintained using Futurex’s dynamic VirtuCrypt Cloud.
Use-case #1

If the store deploys a CPoC solution, its employees can process customer payments anywhere in the store using CPoC-enabled mobile devices, preventing long checkout lines from forming.

Use-case #2

A local artisan running a stall at a farmers’ market can take payments using their mobile phone, rather than having to purchase extra hardware.

Use-case #3

For any store using a POS during the era of Covid 19 it will help make customers more confident in making purchases if the transaction is contactless.

Key advantages of CPoC 360

Develop Once, Deploy Globally: CPoC 360 includes a device-agnostic API
Designed for the Cloud: The VirtuCrypt cloud offers full redundancy and high availability
Get to Market Fast: CPoC 360 offers a turnkey approach for fast integration and deployment
Simplify Audits: robust audit logs are provided via VirtuCrypt cloud HSMs
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VirtuCrypt cloud HSM dashboard

VIP Dashboard

The VirtuCrypt Intelligence Portal is a powerful and intuitive way to securely manage Futurex CPoC 360 from a single source.

  • Track activity
  • Generate audit logs
  • Manage all COTS devices

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