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CryptoCube: Why Customization Matters

By November 20th, 2023No Comments

When it comes to your core cryptographic infrastructure, your organization should not have to settle for off-the-shelf, generic devices or software. Too often, enterprises must piece together different components in order to create a system tailored to their needs, resulting in a mismatched, non-compatible mix of solutions that take time, money, and effort to integrate together.

On the other side of the spectrum, organizations may choose to have a completely new system designed specifically for them. This option enables the implementation of functionality needed by the organization without having to pay for, work around, or monitor undesired features. However, choosing a customized system is rarely a cost or time-effective venture.

The exception to the previous statement lies in CryptoCube, an all-inclusive core cryptographic infrastructure that provides organizations the customizability they desire without the high cost or time requirements normally associated with custom developments. CryptoCube circumvents the problem of non-compatibility by supporting all the devices available through Futurex’s Hardened Enterprise Security Platform. Because the Hardened Enterprise Security Platform covers all the functionality needed to assemble a core cryptographic infrastructure, with applications ranging from enterprise key management to high volume data encryption, organizations who choose CryptoCube will never have to take on the arduous task of integrating devices from different vendors.

Beyond the modularity and compatibility built into these devices, CryptoCube enables even further customization by allowing organizations to choose which, as well as how many, devices to include within CryptoCube’s secure rackmount enclosure. Rackmount sizes are available in both 24U and 48U form factors.

With a variety of devices in six different areas of cryptographic management, your days of settling on a solution that must be adjusted during implementation are over. Enterprises processing a high volume of transactions will be able to place their CryptoCube’s focus on the Excrypt SSP Series of universally compatible, FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and PCI-validated hardware security modules, while organizations charged with storing large amounts of sensitive data can choose the SAS9000 Secure Attached Storage device.

With CryptoCube, choosing your desired functionality can be as easy as checking off a list.

– Enterprise Key and Certificate Management

 – Data Encryption

 – Scalable Storage

 – SSL/TLS Link Encryption

– Public Key Infrastructure

 – Electronic Invoice Signing and Authentication

 – Core Cryptographic Infrastructure Backup

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