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Check out the CryptoHub press release.

RSAC 2020…It’s a wrap!

RSAC 2020…It’s a wrap!

Cryptography, critical infrastructure, and supply chain security were all hot discussions at this year’s RSA Conference 2020. With more than 40,000 people in attendance, the Futurex booth was the center of a lot of activity. Our data protection experts talked with attendees and demonstrated our cryptography solutions, showcasing our future-proof hardware security modules (HSMs), full spectrum key management, and robust cloud solutions. We were also excited that our Key Management Enterprise Server won an award at RSAC. Ryan Smith, Futurex vice president, global business development, said, “We are honored to receive this prestigious award from Cyber Defense Magazine. Our award-winning KMES is compliant, scalable, and highly secure – compliant with emerging and current compliance standards such as FIPS 140-2 Level 3. Our customers trust Futurex to deliver enterprise-grade encryption, capable of storing millions of keys and certificates in one convenient device.” Read the news release here: More information on our key management solutions:

We welcomed fellow industry experts in our in-booth theater to address key topics, including:

  • Michael Brew, technical specialist, Bloombase, “Enterprise Data Protection”
  • Alexander Truskovsky, director, technical strategy, ISARA, “Quantum-safe Security & Crypto-Agility”
  • Mark B. Cooper (aka The PKI Guy), president and founder, PKI Solutions, “The Secret to Secrets Management”
  • Amy Fisher, industry lead, R3, “Blockchain 2020 Vision”


Industry discussions continue

Discussions continued throughout the event, long after the presentations. Jemmee Yung, vice president of business development with Bloombase says, “If CISOs and business owners don’t want to see their organizations in the news about data breaches, they had better put into action and lock their crown-jewel information down on storage, irrespective of traditional IT or next-generation datacenters, with future-proof cryptographic technologies.” Did you catch the recent news, Futurex and Bloombase Offer Highest Level of Security for Data-at-Rest?

According to Mike Brown, CTO and co-founder, ISARA Corporation, “One of the top cyber threats facing enterprises is the expected onset of large-scale quantum computing in 7-10 years, breaking current public-key cryptography. On this year’s keynote stage at RSAC, we heard about the urgent need for standardized quantum-safe cryptography. We agree the algorithms are essential; however, enterprises with long-lived or mission-critical assets don’t have time to wait. Begin assessing and identify those assets now, and work with vendors who can support your migration needs using crypto-agile and quantum-safe solutions.” In a recent announcement, Futurex embeds both conventional and quantum-safe certificates in a single container. The hybrid solution incorporates quantum-safe cryptography and standardized X.509 digital certificate technology from ISARA.

Amy Fisher, industry lead at R3 commented, “At RSA I noticed a lot of people asking ‘What will 2020 bring for blockchain’. And that’s a very valid question. From my perspective working in the space, 2020 is the year blockchain shows tell-tale signs of increased maturity. Companies have learned from the 2018/2019 years of experimentation and development, and are on their way to becoming “smarter customers” for blockchain. They are focusing on the best path forward to bring their solution to market, and have more realistic expectations about interoperability, infrastructure, and network-permissioning. And for R3, we are focusing on continuing to be the partner our clients need by further enhancing Corda Enterprise with new core features and toolkits that pave the way for a simpler and more scalable deployment.”

What were your thoughts about RSAC 2020? What’s on your mind? Drop us an email: