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Secure payments. Let’s talk. Payments Summit 2020

“Payments are at the heart of any transaction, whether physical or digital, but friction or delay can be a major drag on commercial transactions and ultimately entire ecosystems,” writes Tarek Elyafi in a recent article in Payments Source.

We couldn’t agree more. That’s why we’re all about delivering security solutions for financial processing that are scalable, robust, fast, and capable of handling high throughput.

2020 brings new ways for consumers to pay — swipe, dip, tap, phone, watch – according to an article in Payments Journal. The latest How We Will Pay Study cites these consumer-friendly payment trends: voice-enabled commerce, peer-to-peer payment services, contactless credit card payments, and biometrics and facial recognition. To offer customers the best security and services available, financial institution must stay current with the newest in payment trends and technologies. More than ever, banks and payment processors must count on a trusted source for securing payments and transactions.

“While digital has created opportunities for organizations to improve customer experience, it also introduces new digital risks that need to be managed,” says Daniel Cohen, RSA FRI unit director, in an article in Computer Weekly. He says the attack surface has grown exponentially – from one-click payment buttons to mobile apps. Cohen says that to keep pace with constantly evolving tactics, banks need to take a layered approach to proactively manage the risks. As the landscape shifts to support on-the-go customers carrying smart mobile devices, payment transactions also need to shift. These evolving transactions will continue require strong authentication.

Secure payments, trusted solutions. Join us at Payments Summit 2020 in Salt Lake City, February 24-27, 2020 to talk secure payments and see our trusted, future-proof cryptography solutions in action. See why the largest financial institutions and high-volume processors turn to Futurex technology for data encryption, payment processing, certificate issuance, and more. Whether it’s high-volume payments, payment validation, card issuance, PIN management, mobile payments, or cloud security, we’re ready to talk security solutions for financial processing. Use this form to schedule a meeting.

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