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Five reasons to be thankful for Futurex

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As the Thanksgiving season approaches, those of us in the cybersecurity field may be feeling thankful for the cryptographic infrastructure that keeps our organizations secure. As a provider of cybersecurity infrastructure, we decided to take a look at five reasons our clients are thankful for Futurex. 

Reason 1: Futurex support 

Timely and effective support from vendors is critical to an organization’s security. In Futurex’s mission to understand its customers’ needs, we place special focus on customer support with our in-house team of technical support specialists and Solutions Architects.  

Futurex’s technical support team provides 24/7/365 coverage for our clients, there to assist with anything from questions about compliance to advanced troubleshooting. Our support team works closely with other departments in-house to respond to client needs with speed and precision. Our Solutions Architects are highly trained and fully certified subject matter experts who devise custom solutions for clients around the world, and who are available both on-premises and remotely to help install and integrate new solutions. 

“The support and help that we have received from Futurex in setting up our business and establishing a footprint in the country has been phenomenal. The technical team has also been very supportive in providing their services any and every time.” — Renjith Palamattom, Managing Director, Applied Payments Technology (APT).  

Reason 2: Global data center presence 

In our mission to bring advanced cryptography to organizations around the world, we established over a dozen data centers throughout North America, LAC, EMEA, APAC, and Australia from 2021 to 2022. Our global data centers help Futurex clients comply with data residency and localization requirements, opening new possibilities in markets overseas where local cloud solutions are needed. Our global data center presence also brings edge computing advantages like lower latency and higher performance to our customers. No matter where in the world you are, your secure data is never far away.  

“In today’s mission-critical, 24x7x365 payments environment, strong hardware-based cryptographic infrastructure remains a critical need. With a local entity, we are well positioned to help banks and payment providers with the full management of their HSM and public key encryption infrastructure, with the experience of many Futurex deployments and customers around the world.” — Norman Frankel, Regional Managing Director UK/Europe at Stanchion and Director, Future Payment Solutions (Israel) Ltd. 

Reason 3: BAM 

In Q1 of 2022, the leading market researcher ABI Research named Futurex a leader in the HSM industry, awarding high scores to the functionality, scalability, and customer flexibility of the Futurex solution suite. It’s all thanks to Futurex’s Base Architecture Model (BAM), the common code base upon which Futurex solutions are built. The BAM allows Futurex devices to natively communicate with each other for easy management and instant integration of new Futurex solutions.   

“The HSM market is changing rapidly. This is propelling highly flexible HSM offerings that can scale easily and adapt quickly to emerging demands,” the report by ABI Research reads. “Futurex showcases an extensive payment HSM platform with strong cloud integration and service availability, enabling it to carve itself a particularly successful niche in the HSM market which it is actively expanding.” 

In addition to flexibility, the BAM provides high scalability to our clients. In terms of throughput, Futurex HSMs are tailored to meet our clients’ needs, whether they need 60, 250, or even 50,000 transactions per second (TPS). More importantly, the code base of Futurex solutions allows their functionality to be expanded in virtually any direction. Some clients need their key injection solution to include key management, while others may need a general-purpose HSM to manage keys as well. The BAM makes it easy for Futurex to offer customized solutions that scale to meet each client’s requirements.  

Reason 4: Cloud cryptographic services 

Futurex’s VirtuCrypt cloud provided the industry’s first cloud HSM. Thanks to ongoing research and development, it remains the industry’s best. Through VirtuCrypt, customers can deploy cryptographic infrastructure in the cloud, including payments and general purpose HSMs, key management, PKI and CA, and more. VirtuCrypt natively integrates with major public cloud providers, including AWS, Azure, and GCP, allowing users to deploy cutting-edge cloud key management services like Client-side encryption (CSE) for Google Workplace.  

“Together with Futurex, we are giving users more cryptographic control of their data. Futurex securely manages cryptographic keys with on-premises and cloud-based central key management solutions.” — Morgan Littlewood, SVP product management at iXsystems. 

Together with the functionality of Futurex solutions and our global datacenter reach, Futurex customers are thankful for this truly global cloud cryptographic solution.  

Reason 5: Organic growth 

Futurex has been around for over 40 years. In that time, our solution suite has developed into the most versatile and comprehensive cryptographic platform in the industry. While many companies grow through mergers or acquisitions, Futurex solutions have grown organically over time. Our solutions are developed and manufactured 100% in-house, allowing us to maintain the consistent product integrity that our customers notice.  

 “Futurex solutions have ensured that EPX has stayed ahead of the curve in the payments industry. Their innovation and foresight have helped EPX grow with confidence.” — Truscott Lee, Director of Operations, Electronic Payments Exchange (EPX).  

Futurex’s internal cohesion is also reflected by our executive team, who not only have decades of experience in the industry, but who have collectively planned Futurex’s course over the past decade as we anticipate emerging trends and develop cutting-edge technology to help our customers stay on top of data security.  

What we’re thankful for 

Futurex offers 24/7/365 support, opens new data centers, and develops the most flexible architecture in the industry for a simple reason: our customers. Our commitment to customer success shows in the positive feedback we’ve recounted here. But it’s not a one-way relationship. Futurex is thankful for its customers as well, and will continue to offer industry-leading solutions that help them secure their sensitive data.  

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